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      Daily NEWS Sitemap

        Another China’s gift for the people of Pakistan – ½ Million doses of COVID-19

         Pakistan Ulema Council is in the favor of building a Temple in Islamabad

         Education System in Sindh: What’s wrong with it?

         Esra Bilgic has announced to join a PSL brand, Peshawar Zalmi

         India devised an attack on Karachi Stock Exchange (KSE), PM Imran Khan

          Pakistani Showbiz Stars and Politicians tested positive for COVID-19.

          All the main points: Budget 2020-21, Pakistan.

          Cynthia D. Ritchie: the one against the entire PPP Leadership

          COVID 19 Pandemic and the meeting of NCC Sindh

          After two months shutdown, NYSE reopens trading floor

         Hindutva Supremacist Modi Government is a threat to India’s

         Registration of Khairpur Medical College is once again revoked

         Is former president of Pakistan Asif Ali Zardari dead?

         How people will observe Eid who stays on moon? Fawad Chaudhry

         Coronavirus Lockdown in Pakistan | Life, after Lockdown, is lifted!

         Locust swarms in Pakistan will add to Coronavirus Crises: UN

         Big relief for SMEs and unemployed labourers in Pakistan: ECB

         Kim Jong Un | Supreme Leader of North Korea | is dead?

         Imran Khan & Donald Trump had a telephonic call regarding COVID19 Pandemic

          Hindu Temple in Islamabad: All you need to know.

      International NEWS

         Delhi Protest | What do Indian Farmers want from Modi Government?

          Ertugrul vs Fauda: Reality vs Fiction and Propaganda

          Hagia Sophia: After 86 years, Islamic prayers to start on July 24.

          EASA and sunny swift message | Flights operations in Europe

          India China Conflict: History and Future Expectations

          India China Clash: The USA sent a condolence message to India

         Sushant Singh Rajput found hanged in Bandra

         The National Economy & Global Effects of COVID-19

         India-China dispute; are India and Peace poles apart?

         George Floyd protesters have been arrested by armed forces

         All four officers involved in George Floyd’s murder

         Taliban group claimed to kill 7 Afghan Intelligence officials

          Why the densely populated South Asia is less affected by COVID19?

          Coronavirus outbreak – Pandemic COVID 19 and its consequences

          Indian Leadership violation of the human rights in Kashmir

           Kashmir Dispute and the stance of the world community

           Kashmir valley bleeds – it’s been 55 days of curfew

           Imran Khan – Prime Minister of Pakistan in USA for UNGA

           Speech of Modi at the Howdi Modi Event in Houston, Texas

          COVID 19 Treatment: What medicines to take and what to avoid.

        Regional NEWS – SINDH

           Flies, Garbage and Polio; What’s next for Pakistan?

           Nimarta Kumari final year DBS student from Sindh found dead in her room


     Management Science:

         Emirates Airline Marketing Strategy Analysis

         Emotional Intelligence (EI) at the workplace

         AIDA analysis of TCS advertisement (Lal Rang) Red colour

         Rhetoric Analysis of advertisement – TCS Pakistan (Laal Rung)

         Advertisement Analysis – Lee jeans & Ranch

         Why I am Leaving Goldman Sachs: A Rhetoric Analysis

         ASOS PLC Case Study – Discover Fashion Online

         Impacts of Globalization on leadership and culture

         Capital Market: What’s the purpose?

         The Hydrogen Economy: Development and Implications.

      Islamic History

         What is Shab e Barat? Its importance in Islam

         Ethics and The Life of Prophet Mohammad ﷺ

         Ertugrul Ghazi took over the Hollywood and Bollywood in Pakistan

         7 deeds you must do in the last Ashra of Ramadan

         Three Ashra of Ramadan & Significance of the Last Ashra

         Hazrat Umer (RA) – Biography of a second caliph of Islam

         A Brief History of Karbala; Who is Hussain a.s?

      Social Science:

          Biofloc fish farming in Pakistan with Biofloc Technology (BFT)

          English 1101 Essay 4 – Comparing Perspective; Room for Debate

          Child Abuse or paedophilia – A curse in the name of humanity

          Tolerance and Patience in Islam and literature

          Climate Change: Melting of glaciers & burning of Margalla!

          Life teaches lessons far better than literature does – A true Story

          Gender discrimination and Islam – A Review

          Interview with a peacemaker: Dasha Gajic

      Political Science

          Occupied Jammu and Kashmir – Empathy on current happening

          Corruption and its influence on the development of Pakistan

          Khairpur Medical College: Another victim of poor governance

          Imran Khan – Prime minister of Pakistan at Muzaffarabad

          An Analysis of Pakistan Foreign policy in Ayub Khan’s Regime

      Book Reviews

         Shah Abdul Latif Bhitai and Shah jo Risalo – A Book Review

         Things Fall Apart – One of the Best Novels: Book Review

         The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People – Book Review

         Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert T. Kiyosaki – A Book Review

         The Gaze By Elif Shafak – A Book Review

         Veronika Decides To Die – A Book Review

         Innocence and Foolishness By Rizwan Ahmad – Book Review

         Encyclopedia of Early Earth- The Graphic Novel – Book Review

      Hotel & Hospitality

         Sarang Sindhi Cuisine – A New Venture Creation – Case Study

      Test Material

         Nine reasons behind not Recommendation in ISSB

         Inter Services Selection Board (ISSB) – A complete Guide


         Dr Wajid Hussain Bhutto | A Biography

         Sufi Shah Inayat Shaheed – The journey in the search of Murshid

         Hazrat Umar Farooq (RA), Second Caliph of Islam – Biography

         JAUN ELIA, an Anarchist, a Nihilist and a Poet – A Biography

         Sir Francis Bacon – Former Lord Chancellor – Biography

         Abdul Majeed Mangi, An artist of Sindh – A Biography

     Special Reports 

         4 helpful tips to avoid toxic people in your life in 2021

        Dates Fruit & Cultivator needs attention from the government of Pakistan.

        Cartoons: How They Benefit People In Learning?

         Snakes: Types, details, and facts

         The Budget Making Process in Pakistan: Details.

         Dates of Khairpur, Sindh – A Concise Report

         Tuberculosis (TB) in Pakistan – One of the Most Infectious Killer

         Can Black Seed cure Coronavirus: A must-read for everyone

         History of African Americans: The barbarism on the innocents.

Personal Opinions

          Anti-Politics Phenomenon and Pakistan.


         high-profile sports stars on George Floyd’s death


         Lakers trade rumors | Trade for Beal, Love, or Tristan Thompson?

         Cavaliers once again thrashed to newly-made supper NBA franchise ‘Nets’

         NBA is likely to resume practice facility from Friday

         Dwight Howard to join Los Angeles Lakers; NBA sources confirms


         Dani Alves leaves European Football to return to his country

         International Champions Cup: Real Madrid defeats Arsenal 3-2 on penalties

         Premier League Transfer Deadline Day: A Look At Big Moves


         Babar Azam remain top of the table in Vitality Blast 2019

         Sri Lanka tour to Pakistan 2019 – 3 ODIs, 3 T20s

         Cricket Players who signed off from different formats of ICC

         Legendary Abdul Qadir died of cardiac arrest

         Pakistani Cricket players who are playing CPL 2019


         The new version of Instagram will allow teens to use the platform

         Twitter once again slapped Donald J Trump for violating terms

      Search Engine Optimization SEO

         Top 5 Social bookmarking Websites for Free | MUST for every marketer

      Virtual Currencies

         First Crypto-supporting SIM card is expected to launch by TELX Technologies


         Econex an online store in Pakistan startup

         Mini flour mill in Pakistan (Chakki) | Based on Solar Energy


      Foreign Affairs

         Kashmir Dispute and the stance of the world community

         Kashmir valley bleeds – it’s been 55 days of curfew

         Imran Khan – Prime Minister of Pakistan in USA for UNGA         

         Occupied Jammu and Kashmir News: 26th day of a military siege

         Kashmir Bleeds: 25 days passed and IOK is still in curfew

         Amnesty International India has now added into a drama- Kashmir Bleeds

         Imran Khan – Prime minister of Pakistan at Muzaffarabad


          Tourism in Pakistan: without it, people die of hunger. A myth?

          Traveling in COVID-19: Is it safe to travel now?

      Islamabad & Northern Pakistan

         Top 10 places to visit in Islamabad this year | Post Pandemic

      Places To Visit In SINDH

         Ranikot Fort, The great wall of Sindh – Tour Guide

         Mohen jo Daro – An Archaeological site to visit in Sindh

      Places To Visit in Balochistan

         Ziarat valley – Among the best tourist places in world

      Places To Visit In Europe

         The Evolution of Tourism In Spain-The Case Study Of Benidorm

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