Innocence and Foolishness By Rizwan Ahmad – Book Review

Innocence and Foolishness By Rizwan Ahmad - Book title

During the hustle and bustle long days of summer, I got finished this wonderful book: innocence and foolishness. This fascinating collection of nonfiction and novella depict, as old as a mound of dead, the tradition of our culture and author’s, Rizwan Ahmad Memon, personal village-life experience and all about rotten and bleak as well nerve-wracking beliefs of villagers. In this book, it is easily perceivable that parents sent their children city to earn money when times were tough, it was nonetheless short-sighted of them. They never push their children to school.  Because they thought sending children to school is entirely a waste of time and as well as unaffordable to them. Avoiding to give good education to the children meant they are throwing their children into a deep pit of worries and poverty for a lifetime.

This book innocence and foolishness reveals that village life of Sindh is still bound in various sordid norms which must be abolished as to go hand in hand with the modern era of technology. Simply, the pen of the writer has enthusiastically explored different genera of tradition and norms which are still prevailing in villages. Sincerely, this wonderful book focus on the slang and colloquialism of the English language, it encourages the readers’ creativity, critical thinking, analytical skills and boosts their interest in important skills of reading.

In this book, innocence and foolishness, my favourite part is that;

Time does not remain in same, no matter how hard your life might seem, don’t give up but get up, if winds are blowing hard if all doors remain close keep calm, work hard &  stay In discipline keep firm faith in God consolidate, Almighty will open another door merely for you. this recipe is an open secret of success of a student.

While going through this book, innocence and foolishness, I was entirely astounded to see the polished writing style and interesting stories of the writer, Rizwan Ahmad Memon. The pages of this book not only confines the stories but also the writer’s pen meekly move on to cover the worth reading but easy-to-follow method of gentle poems and letters as well.


Besides all, the esteemed writer of this book, Rizwan Ahmad Memon, also tells about the rough and tough time of his life, the hurtful comment of villagers and conspiracies against getting education but his tireless efforts made him successful to reach the university level and finally, after facing the difficulties and problems, writer has proved himself as a successful member of society.

In fine, with all the strength that I could have mustered, as I came to know the main purpose of this book is that;

It is indelible fact & not denying that hard-working and sleepless nights never go in vain so one should have the courage to be diligence & face the highs & lows, ups and downs & also the vicissitudes of life. One should keep in mind that trial & tribulations never come to destroy you but they make you strong to peep into the real joy of the world.

As the age-old saying goes; “the more violent the storm, the more quickly it will pass.”

It is incumbent upon us we should never lose hope. We ought to creep and climb over the stair of success like a tortoise climbing the mountain. As someone beautifully eloquent “where there’s life, there’s hope.”  So don’t lose hope try again and again until you reach your destination. It is the only man a unique creation of God who has the power to surpass the heaviest mountain and convert impossible into possible then why we should be depressed? Let the rise dust from your feet and be fully ready for a battle that awaits for you tomorrow.

Note: The author was supervised By Mr Farhan Ali Soomro (PhD Scholar) & Teaching Assistant Department of Public Administration, Faculty of Management Sciences, Shah Abdul Latif University, Khairpur.


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4 Thoughts to “Innocence and Foolishness By Rizwan Ahmad – Book Review”

  1. […] Innocence and Foolishness By Rizwan Ahmad – Book Review […]

  2. […] Innocence and Foolishness By Rizwan Ahmad – Book Review […]

  3. […] Innocence and Foolishness By Rizwan Ahmad – Book Review […]

  4. Ali shan shahani

    Your write-up needs no description. The way you review your book is really a praiseworthy. I really indulge in & drawn a attention by your written expression so carry on your habit of reading, being your friend-cum- brother I would like to suggest you that “A voracious reader never misuse his time of leisure, he reads a book of his interest, besides, hang out around friend is a good but reading book with great Ecstasy and curiosity is best of all.”
    In fine and fair, your nicely written book review clear a concept regarding the rotten and bleak culture, old tradition and sordid norms of our society which must be eradicated as to go hand-in-hand with hyper-competitive world.
    In last, society always developed by the well-educated persons not a illiterate person, by and large, to eradicate such a sordid norms we must contribute our energies and leave a legacy for our generation but this all happened through education and reading books. as it is a old saying” Readers are leader” reading books always lead to travelling of infinity and it drive out from the darkness of world.

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