World’s Longest Tourist Trip | You Can Also be a Part of It

World's Longest Tourist Trip

If you are an adventure lover, then the good and interesting news for you is that for the first time, the world’s longest tourist trip is going to start from India. You can also be a part of it.
The world’s longest bus journey will cover fifty-six days and twelve thousand kilometers, which will begin in August this year.

The Indian tourism company is going to announce the program soon, where passengers will take the longest journey in the world by bus. This journey will be done by 30 lucky passengers during which they will visit 22 countries.

This trip will start from Turkey and pass through European countries and end at the capital of Great Britain. Twenty four thousand three hundred dollars will have to be paid to be a part of this trip. The package includes hotel accommodation including thirty breakfasts and dinners


The matter does not end here but the bus in which the passengers will travel will not be an ordinary bus but a luxury bus in which all kinds of facilities will be available which will make the long journey of the passengers comfortable.

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The bus will depart from Istanbul on August 7 and arrive in London on October 1. According to the Guinness World Record, the longest bus route in the world covers 6,200 kilometers, which starts from Peru and ends in Brazil.


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