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The Conjuring Review

The Conjuring Review | Gofrixty Movies Review | 09 March 2022 | This movie is the third in the series. The first two movies were directed by James Wan and the third film was directed by Michael Chaves. The franchise consists of three films, The Conjuring (2013), The Conjuring 2(2016) and the last one till now is The Conjuring: The devil made me do it. It is an American Horror film, which is based on a criminal case and the story is written by James Wan, David Leslie Johnson-McGoldrick. The Release date of this movie is June 4 2021.

Main Story of The Conjuring: the devil made me do it

Paranormal investigators Ed and Lorraine take on one of the most sensational cases of their careers after a cop stumbles upon a bloodied young man walking on the road. Accused of murder, the suspect claims demonic possession on his defence, and force warrens to inquiry

And unlikely the things happen as they haven’t seen before. The film takes us to places we haven’t been before and shows us the dark side of spirituality.

The Conjuring Review the devil made me do it (Conjuring 3)

The Conjuring 3 Review (The devil made me do it) has many scary scenes but by comparing to other previous parts, this film has no scarier scenes or jump scares than the other two. The murder case of Arne Cheyenne Johnson is very interesting and there is a lot of heartfelt and touching moments. Ed and Lorraine are the main characters of the film, who investigate the case and try to prove his innocence. It has lots of suspenseful moments, the characters are very interesting and the tone of overcoming the evil was more powerful, this film comes up with a unique idea and the plot of the film was too strong.


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Success and The Budget of the film

As compared to its previous parts Conjuring 1 and Conjuring 2, the third part is much better with respect to plot, scary scenes and logic. The film is more entertaining but the ratings of the film are very low from other parts of the film. Even though the film hasn’t received a very good response from critics, it has managed to place itself in a safe zone in box office The budget of the film is over 200 million dollars and it has collected over 250 million dollars at box office.

Medium to watch the film

You can watch it in English language.  The movie is not available on Netflix, Amazon and Prime video, as it is only available on HBO MAX when it was Released.


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