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Greetings! Marketers, writers, advertisers, and collaborators. Gofrixty community welcomes you and your business on our leading News & Academia platform to write for us. 

We’re always looking to collaborate with creative authors, writers, marketers, and advertisers who look towards expanding the reach of their business or platform.

We got a unique community who consistently visit our website and read daily news and academic insights both on a single platform. Gofrixty is a fast-growing start-up with visitors looking for daily news, tech news, business ideas, tourism guide, personal expert opinions, and academic insights.

Gofrixty provides an amazing opportunity for startups, authors, and marketers to get wide visibility and maximize the eye-grabs to share their business stories or content. You can feature content or advertise on Gofrixty’s esteemed homepage at competitive rates. Just to make sure that we will always encourage the quality rather than getting into the quantity.

Write for us | What do we publish or post?

Gofrixty will post or publish your content related to the business success story, startup story, personal stories, awareness messages, and news content. Marketers can also publish their banner ads or anchor texts and can add them to our already published stories that are related to their business or startup.

Marketers can also publish native advertisements on our platform by proving us the links or banners of their websites or platforms to post them in our existing content or they can publish their content on our platform to attract wide visibility to share their stories.

What is a native advertisement?

It’s a type of advertisement which allows marketers to promote their products or services on related or similar platforms. If any of a post or article is already published on our platform and you think it’s related or very similar to your business, you can simply contact us to so that we can place your advertisement on that particular web page or article at a very competitive price.

For Instance, two of our keywords are already ranking on google and they are grabbing a lot of readers eyes i.e. ‘Biofloc fish farming’ & ‘withdraw crypto in Pakistan’. People who are searching these keywords on google, surely are those who are looking for the answers f these two only. That means every single person clicking these keywords is a potential customer for those who doing business related to these two fields. Native advertisement usually grabs maximum return on investment (ROI) in comparison to some random advertisements. So, Gofrixty provides an opportunity to the marketers to bid on native advertisements on our platform and make a competitive collaboration with our team.


Dos while ‘write for us’

As we have already mentioned that we will always encourage quality rather than getting into quantity. Our community is unique and our readers base would always look for fresh stories, creative content, and reliable stuff only. So, before you ‘write for us’ please make sure that to consider the following suggestions:

  • Your article or content must be UNIQUE or DISTINCTIVE
  • The content is needed to be SIMPLE and try to bring an element of curiosity to it. It will help you grab additional eyes along with showing a good and professional reputation of your business.
  • Try to use some EXAMPLES in your content while ‘write for us’

Don’ts while write for us

  • Try to avoiding inserting too much PROMOTION or LINKS
  • Try to avoid PLAGIARIZED content or the content that has already been published. Because that will not rank and will not give you the desired ROI.
  • We completely discourage the MISLEADING CONTENT.
  • Try to avoid too many PICTURE OR IMAGES in your content

Guideline to submit your Guest Post or article

To write for us or submitting a guest post, we have prepared a simple guideline. Marketers or authors can simply contact us on email or WhatsApp number and can submit their content or guest post.

E-mail ID: [email protected]
WhatsApp Number +92 310 0863072

Authors can add their full name, picture, and a short bio to the post. The guest post preferred to be in between 500 to 1000 words for a better reader experience.

Benefits of Guest Posting or Write for us

Guest posting or write for us allow marketers and authors to get into a collaboration with businesses of the same niche or industry. Guest posting or ‘write for us’ also help them to maximize back-traffic, domain authority, brand awareness, visibility, and it helps businesses to create connections with the same industry or niche. SEO experts use this strategy of guest blogging as a part of the Off-page SEO and it also helps to enhance organic traffic for their websites or platforms.