Feroze Khan New Drama Habs 2022

Feroze Khan new drama habs 2022

Feroze Khan new drama Habs 2022 is also becoming quite a hit like the previous dramas because many people are crazy about Feroze Khan’s acting.

Habs is a new drama serial of 2022 that is aired on ARY Digital and premiere on May 10th.

The story of Habs drama is full of emotions, suspense and romance.

Feroze Khan belongs to a wealthy family while Ushna Shah belongs to a poor family and works in an office.

Most of the drama series that Feroze Khan works in are hits, however a lot of people love and like him because of his acting skills.

The story is written by Aliya Makhdoom and directed by Musaddiq Malik and produced by Humayun Saeed and Shahzad Nasib.

The main plot of the drama is Ayesha Omer’s appearance in the role of a glamorous lady, but she came only to ruin the life of a couple.

The Drama Habs revolve around a love triangle in these main characters, which is related to the perspective of Habs.

Superstar of Pakistan Showbiz Industry Feroze Khan is playing the lead role in the drama

Feroze Khan’s popularity is very high especially because of his acting, style is very attractive among the people.


Habs Drama Cast

The leading role of the Habs drama is Feroze Khan Basit and Ushna Shah as Ayesha.

The other main leading role characters are Ayesha Omer and Dania Anwar, both performed very well in their roles.

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Habs Drama Story

The life of a poor girl named Ayesha. She has two sisters named Bano and Zoya.

Ayesha is a highly intelligent girl who excelled in the classroom and earned a gold medal at her university for her outstanding performance.

Her older sister Bano makes the family living while Zoya is a college student. This is a challenging story that takes many twists and turns along the way.


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