Stranger Things 4 Is Now 3rd Most Popular TV Season among English Language Shows

Stranger Things 4 Is Now 3rd Most Popular TV Season

Stranger Things 4 volume 1 is on its way to becoming one of the most viewed English language TV seasons ever.

The show after releasing drew 287 million hours of viewership in just three days, therefore that actually is a huge number as it sounds.

Now after a week and into the 2nd week the show keeps on breaking the records, however it does not seem like it’s stopping here and keeps ruling the Netflix at the moment as it has now become the Netflix’s 3rd most popular English-language TV season ever. Stranger Things is set to reach to the number 1 spot in the upcoming days.

The way of Netflix’s viewership calculations is that it computes during a title’s first 28 days of availability, which simply means that the now ruling season 4 volume 1 of Stranger Things has still got more than two weeks to even go higher on the chart.

And as the streamer’s newly released weekly Top 10 rankings have claimed that the Stranger Things Season 4 volume 1 has broken a record of most-viewed show in a week among Netflix’s English Language TV series, with 335 million hours watched from May 30 to June 5, 2022.


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Race to reach the top of Netflix’s all time great list

Squid Game the famous South Korean drama still stays on the top with overall record most-viewed show on Netflix with 571.76 million hours viewership in just one week.

It is also being anticipate that the sci-fi show Stranger Things might finish at least at the second spot on Netflix’s all-time shows just behind the South Korean drama Squid Game which stays with a whopping numbers of 1.65 billion hours viewership in just 28 days.

The fans who had been waiting for the 4th Season are now after watching the almost 9 hour long. Volume 1 of Season 4 are excited about the last two episodes of the Stranger Things Season 4 which is likely to premier on July 1st.


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