Unlocking Extra Cash: The Power of Online Surveys

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In today’s hustle culture, finding ways to earn extra cash without sacrificing precious time is the ultimate goal. Enter online surveys – the unsung heroes of side hustles. Let’s dive into how you can turn idle moments into money-making opportunities with three major players in the survey game: Panda Survey, Survey Junkie, and Real Surveys that Pay. Introduction to Online Surveys Ever wondered if your opinions could earn you money? With online surveys, they absolutely can! These platforms connect you with companies eager to hear your thoughts on products, services,…

How to hunt the best candidates for your next job

job hunting

Hunting for the best candidates for your next job is a crucial task for any organization or institute all around the globe. How to hunt best candidates or how organisations can find best talent? All of it is explained here in this article. Finding top talent can significantly impact your company’s success. Here are steps and strategies to help you find and attract the best candidates: 20 points that can help you hunt a future job 1. Define the Job Requirements: Start by clearly defining the job role, responsibilities, and qualifications required.…

Ways to Make your stand out Resume from the Competition

Ways to Make your Resume stand out from the Competition

While applying for a job, the most important thing that is going to speak for you is your stand out Resume. If it is not good enough or perfectly detailed in a way that the company you might be applying to is looking for in such a competing world these days you might be neglected and someone with a perfect resume could beat you. Well, that is what happens when we are in a competition. One with better tools wins the race. When it is about getting a job or…

Karachi Shipyard Jobs: KS&EW Jobs, Sindh Govt

Karachi Shipyard Jobs

Karachi Shipyard Jobs: Karachi Shipyard & Engineering Works KS&EW Karachi, Government of the Sindh is looking candidates for the positions of Manager, Manager ERP, Assistant Manager, Assistant Manger Accounts, Assistant Taxation, PC Support Technician, Network Technician. Telephone: 021-99214045-64Official Website: www.karachishipyardcom.pk Interested to Start your own Business: Here is an Idea Advertisement … Keep Visiting gofrixty for more latest job alerts and news updates. This is a platform to focus on the day to day happenings, analysis, and careers for the youth. Advertisement

Latest Jobs at Information Technology University (ITU) Lahore | Apply Now

Latest Jobs in ITU Lahore

Job Introduction: Several vacancies are been open at the Information Technology University Lahore to apply. It is one of the big opportunities for the PhD and Research Scholars and as well as administrators as well. Vacancies are open from grade 2 to grade 19 officers. The university has announced these vacancies by publishing an ad in Express News Pakistan as well as on their official website as well. Organization Name: Information Technology University (ITU) Lahore. City: Lahore Job End Date | Last date to Apply: 11 March 2021 Here is…