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A new superhero is in the town but this time it is a Muslim superhero. Yes for the first time ever Marvel Comics Universe has brought a series that has a Muslim superhero.

Marvel in 2013, had already revealed the reimagining of their comic book character Ms Marvel. Who earlier was a blonde superpowered military hero as a Muslim Pakistani-US teenager named Kamala Khan, a controversial and a risky prospect. As far as comic books are concerned it has always been male-dominated. Additionally, they are white-centric most of the time. But it was completely the opposite as in the case of Kamala.

The diversification of the character in Ms Marvel

This diversification of the character or as the superhero that was introduced by the Marvel did not seem like a good idea to the fans. As stated by Marvel’s vice president of sales in 2017. He told that the fans did not want any further diversification. He further added that they never wished to see the female characters anymore.

But the results told a different story as Ms Marvel comic books became a hit comic in no time. And one of the biggest sellers on the internet stated Northumbria University’s associate professor Dr Mel Gibson.

Iman Vellani & Kamala Khan

The character of Ms Marvel, a young girl who deals with the typical teenage tribulations is played by the Pakistani-Canadian actress named Iman Vellani.

Sue Obeidi, who is the director of the Hollywood Bureau for US Muslim Public Affairs Council (MPAC) lightens the importance of a Muslim hero and that being a female character can’t be overstated.

Sue Obeidi further stated that Islam has no shortage of heroic Muslim women in its history. You will find many examples of it like Aisha [bint Abu Bakr] or Khadija [bint Khuwaylid] – they were one of Islam’s first heroes. They were strong, courageous and independent women.

Ms Marvel aka Kamala is a Pakistani-American Muslim teenager. Who deals with common teenage life tribulations like facing school bullies, her own adversities, insecurities and much more, is a superhero.


The Pakistani heritage of Kamala Khan is the representation of South Asian to the West. But not Indian this time as in most cases. This time it’s a Pakistani exhibiting their distinct culture, customs and traits. Everyone said the character should be played by a Pakistani instead of an Indian like it always has been and Disney had planned for it.

Disney brought a Pakistani-Canadian actress Iman Vellani who perfectly fits the adorable and loveable character of Kamala Khan.

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This idea of a Muslim superhero and even highlighting their culture faith and traditions is an absolutely new thing and the President of Marvel Studios Kevin Feige said that these changes were necessary for a smooth transition into the MCU and how it goes is up to the fans but Kevin is optimistic that they will love the idea.

The Ms Marvel series could play a crucial role-taking comics to a bigger stage and now watching the series of Ms Marvel, different audiences from different walks of life especially Muslim children when seeing a hero sharing their background and religious belief and being a superhero is going to be a springboard for many female Muslims and authentic Muslim representation is a concept that will inspire different audiences.

Ms Marvel series started on June 8 and fans are looking forward to the other episodes that will be released weekly basis on Disney+.


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