Wales Qualify for the FIFA Cup After 64-Year Wait

Wales Qualify for the FIFA Cup After 64-Year Wait

A euphoric moment for the people of Wales as they celebrate their team securing the World Cup spot for the first time since 1958. Wales qualify for World Cup after 64 years wait. Something they have been waiting to witness but always failed by the shortest distance. It was coming and this was the right time for it as Wales after beating Ukraine in a nail-biting playoff final played in the Cardiff City Stadium have secured their world cup spot.

This time after 64 years this Wales team seemed confident as now in 2022, Wales inspired by one of their greatest player Gareth Bale will be playing the FIFA World Cup 2022 in November at Qatar. Wales qualify for World Cup after 64 years wait, however it is very good and exciting news for wales fans.

Wales Fans In Ecstasy Upon Qualification

Fans when leaving the Cardiff City stadium were sing and dance in the rain as they were in a jolly mood and why wouldn’t they be happy and celebrate as it was for the first their national team and their national anthem will be hear in FIFA World Cup after a 64 years long wait. Some supports said it was like a dream for them as they never thought they would see this moment. But this time it was a reality a euphoria for the fans.


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Distress For The Ukraine Team And Their Fans

Ukraine who were dreaming to play the world cup did everything possible they put in all their efforts, even managed to stop Wales from scoring but an own goal by Andriy Yarmolenko at the 34th minute that was deflect by the free-kick attempt of Gareth Bale was enough for the determined Wales side to secure a place in the World Cup.

Ukraine players who were devastated for not qualifying for the world cup were applauded by the fans in the stadium after the final whistle as it was an emotional and heartbreaking moment for the Ukrainian players. Gareth Bale just after the final whistle went to console Oleksandr Zinchenko who was in tears.


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