What is PV in Econex affiliate program and why is it concerned?

Econex online shopping store

The affiliate program is the best way of earning money online in Pakistan. Econex is providing affiliate marketing with thousands of products. When someone talks about an econex affiliate program, the first thing comes to mind that is the PV of a product. In this article, I will tell you about the PV of the econex affiliate program. Before knowing about PV in the econex affiliate program, read all the benefits of joining and how to join affiliate program designed by Econex shopping store in Pakistan.

What does  PV stand for in econex affiliate marketing?

In econex affiliate marketing, “point value” refers to the numerical value assigned to each product. This value is typically used to determine the commission that an affiliate will earn. It is to be noted that the price of all PVs is the same but the number of PVs assigned to each product is different.

What is the price of one PV in econex affiliate marketing?

In econex, the price of each PV is 100pkr. It means that if a product has 8 PV, it will generate 800pkr commission distributed among all the individuals contributed in a chain. 80% commission will be received by the person who made affiliate marketing of that product, 10% and 5% commissions will be distributed to the person through which you joined econex affiliate marketing, and 5% commissions will be earned by econex shop.

You can also earn money through the referral code. For this purpose, you must have some PV to create a referral link. This is an amazing idea to earn money by referring marketers. Imagine if all the marketers who are joined by you in econex are earning 100 PV per day mutually, you will earn 10 PV without any effort to market the products.

How can I find the PV of a product in the econex affiliate program?

Follow these steps to find the number of PVs assigned to each product in the affiliate program designated by the econex shopping store.

1. Visit Dnex

and sign in. You have to Sign up in DNEX if you do not have an account in DNX previously.

In the dashboard, you will find “order PV product” button. Click on it and you will be directed to the econex online store.

3. On the top right corner, you will see an option “filter“. click on it and use “PV” filter to access only PV products. Otherwise, all products whether they have PV or not will display.

4. Clicking on each product, you will see the option to copy the affiliate link of that product as marked in the picture.

Now, you can use this affiliate product link to earn a commission for this product. You can use websites, blogs, or social media platforms to promote these products and can earn amazing commissions. Affiliate program is famous because of no investment. People with no penny can start affiliate marketing and can earn money easily. When it comes to how much you can earn money through affiliate marketing designed by the econex online store, it doesn’t have a direct answer as it depends on your hard work and marketing strategies.

Tips for maximizing your earnings through affiliate marketing:

  1. Choose a niche in which you are interested and knowledgeable. This makes it easy to develop high-quality content that will appeal to potential buyers.
  2. Create a large audience. This may be done through a variety of methods, including blogging, social media, and email marketing.
  3. Promote products in which you have confidence. This will provide wide information to your audience and generate revenue more easily.
  4. High commission rates should be negotiated. The more money you make each sale, the more money you make.
  5. Keep track of your progress. This will allow you to identify what is working and what isn’t, allowing you to make changes to your plan as needed.

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