Affiliate Program in Pakistan by Econex || A complete guide

Affiliate program by Econex

If you’re passionate about earning online genuinely without investing anything or want to generate a lifetime sale through applying efforts once and smartly. Let me just add that, this article is designed exclusively for you.

You have already heard the Econex, if not, let me tell you you’re far behind in the race for online earning opportunities. Recently Econex launched a game-changing affiliate program on October 13, 2023. Econex has taken the game to a whole new level in a digital age where opportunities are aplenty, with its revolutionary affiliate program in Pakistan.

Imagine getting paid not just once, but unlimited times, and that too for a lifetime! WoW. This means for some people, “ab maza aae ga na beru”. Econex’s affiliate program offers an extraordinary chance for bloggers, vloggers, social media gurus, and influencers to earn a handsome 80% commission on the Point Values (PVs) assigned to each product listed on their online store. Could you just believe it!! This is a game-changer and undoubtedly a great move to digitalise businesses all around the globe. Remember, you will need nothing to pay for joining the Econex affiliate program. It is totally FREE.

Here is a complete guide to the affiliate program in Pakistan by Econex and this will surely open the door to limitless earnings.

Step 1: A simple Signup to DNex

First thing is first, head over to Dnex by clicking here. You will find a simple registration form. Enter your particulars, and sign up to get into the first step closer to the amazing affiliate program in Pakistan by Econex.

Step 2: Click on Order Product PV

After signing in, navigate to the “Order Product PV” tab as shown in the image below.
Enter your password again, and that’s it so far.

the first step of the Guide to the affiliate program by Econex

By entering the password, you will then land on the Econex online store.

Hurry! You’re now in Econex Shop’s domain. 👇

Econex shop product page interface

Step 3: Filter PV Products

In Econex Shop, you can filter products by their PVs, allowing you to focus on those with the highest earning potential. This you can find in parallel to the Sort By box, select PV instead of the Newest which is selected by default. Or you can search for the product by name in the search bar.

Step 4: Select the product

Please select the product once you’ve identified it, whether it’s for a review article, a social media post, or sharing with friends and family on WhatsApp, you’re set to make money online in Pakistan with the help of this game-changing affiliate program by Econex. For instance, I am selecting the product pure and organic natural honey

in this case, the picture is given as follows.

Pure beed natural and organic honey online in Pakistan 500g

Step 5: Get your unique product link

Scroll down and find the “Copy Link” icon, as shown in the picture 👇. This link is unique for every registered user of the DNex community, and it’s your ticket to earning commissions.

how to find product affiliate link on Econex online store

An important note

Please remember, to access the affiliate product link, you must navigate from Dnex official website or log in to the shop after registering once on DNex using the same credentials. This is how you’ll find the affiliate product link icon associated with each product.

Also remember that the commission you earn will be based on the PVs assigned to each product, service, or product bundle.

Why Econex affiliate program is different from others?

What sets Econex’s affiliate program apart is that it offers commissions not just on your sales but on the sales of those you refer as well. Yes, it’s true what you’re currently reading.

For instance, if a blogger or vlogger joins the platform using your referral link, the commission structure works like this:

  • The selling blogger or vlogger receives a whopping 80%.
  • You, as the referrer, get 10%.
  • Even the person above you, I mean the one who referred you to this platform will also get 5% commission on the PVs for each sale produced through affiliate marketing.

This is why I will going to call this affiliate program a genuine online earning source and a game-changing platform of this cutting-edge technology era.

How this affiliate program revolutionise the merchandise industry?

Undoubtedly, I will say that this innovative affiliate program in Pakistan is set to revolutionize the market. It’s an opportunity for everyone that’s not just amazing; it’s going to rock the merchandise industry.

As of now, it’s applicable in Pakistan, but be ready, because Econex is gearing up to expand its horizons to other markets worldwide. That is not far a way, while talking to its leadership, it came to discussion that the company is planning to expand the services across borders at the start of 2024.

Disclaimer: Helping the writer will help you in ultimate. This is the ripple effect of your choices. When you make a purchase using an affiliate link in this article, you’re not just buying a product; you’re supporting someone’s journey to success.

If you decide to sign up using a referral link from this article, you’re giving someone the chance to earn a small commission when you produce a sale in the future.

To Wrap-up

Econex’s affiliate program in Pakistan is an online earning opportunity and it is a game-changing opportunity that opens the doors to unlimited, lifetime earnings. With a user-friendly process and commissions on multiple levels, it’s not just a chance to make money; it’s a chance to make a difference. Yes, you can get started today, and be part of the revolution!

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Thanks for reading. Keep visiting.

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