What Will Imran Khan do after Six days ultimatum?

What will Imran khan do after six days ultimatum?

Imran Khan had given a six days deadline to the government, which expired on Tuesday.

Now what will Imran Khan do next?

Imran Khan said in a press conference that Pakistan Tehreek e Insaf has filed a petition in the Supreme Court for a Peaceful protest in Islamabad.

He said that we have the right to peaceful protest and we also want Supreme Court to protect us.

However, he further added that they will be well prepare this time and won’t repeat previous mistakes.

He will give the call for long march to Islamabad after the court’s verdict.

Imran Khan said those who are facing corruption cases of billions of rupees are ruling Pakistan.

The war against thieves will have to be fought one day or another. If we do not succeed, your children will have to fight. Says Imran Khan

There was no preparation before but now we will come out with full preparation.

Personal Opinion

This is a very difficult stage for the country; however, the people and the politicians want to think about the country.


In my opinion Elections should be held in the country as soon as possible, so that riots do not take place first.

It is the right of the people to decide who will be our rulers. No one should be allow to change the regime so easily.

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Written decision of the Supreme Court on PTI’s March

The purpose of filing the petition has been fulfill. All highways were open

In the decision, some questions were ask from the respective institutions.

The report based on the questions should be submitted in a week. Supreme Court

A decision will be made after reviewing all the evidence.


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