Sir Francis Bacon – Former Lord Chancellor – Biography

Sir Frances Bacon Biography

Sir Francis Bacon also called Sir Francis Viscount St Albans. Sir Francis Bacon was born in London on 22 January 1561 at York house of the Strand.

His father, Sir Nicholas Bacon was a successful lawyer and Lord Keeper of the great seal under Queen Elizabeth. His mother Anne Cook was a scholar and she was the daughter of Sir Thorny Cook who translated ecclesiastical material from Italian and Latin into English. She was a religious puritan.

Francis Bacon was born to a sophisticated family but not in Aristocracy. Sir Francis Bacon had a versatile personality. He was an English statesman, jurist, philosopher, thinker, essayist, astrologer author, historian intellectual reformer and Above all champion of modern science. He was a man of Renaissance. He is best known as a philosophical Advocate and defender of a scientific revolution. Sir Francis Bacon was ranked no 90 on Michael H. Hart’s list (1978) of the most influential personalities in the world.

Francis Bacon was the youngest of eight children, six of whom were from Sir Nicholas’s first marriage. Bacon received his early education at home because of his poor status. His health was also delicate in his childhood at the age of twelve years in 1573. Bacon was sent to study at Trinity College Cambridge. Bacon there meet Queen Elizabeth at college she asked him how old he was and Bacon replied.

“Two years younger than your majesty grace”.

The queen was delighted and impressed by his reply. The queen nicknamed him as “my younger Lord keeper.

In 1575 just before his 15th birthday, Bacon left the college. The simple reason behind was his ill health and the outbreak of the plague. but in fact, he was fed up with the academic life and with the Aristo lean philosophy in the syllabus. Bacon’s father hoped that Francis would become a diplomat and had taught him the ways of a courtier. later on, Bacon was immersed in light state affairs.


In June 1576, he began studying law at Grays-inn. But a few months later, the interpreted his studies in order to take a position in the diplomatic service in France as an assistant to the ambassador. There at the court, he learned French diplomacy and Courtly etiquette.

In 1579, he was in France, his father died and Bacon had to return to England and there he found himself almost pen less because his father had already divided all his estate among his first five sons but he wanted to Arrange something for bacon and sir Nicholas had laid up a considerable sum of money to purchase an estate for bacon but he died before doing so as he wanted to and Francis bacon was left with the fills of that money and he had nothing more than that short sum no sufficient means no position no land, no income and an immediate prospects he resumed the study of law and for it he started borrowing money and become very soon habitual for debt to support himself . Sir Francis Bacon threefold goals in his life were to uncover the truth, to serve his country, and service to the Church.

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