Speech of Modi at the Howdi Modi Event in Houston, Texas

Modi Trump at Howdi modi event

Before going to read this news, Speech of Modi, I would suggest to keep the correct english pronunciation and correct spelling aside. Because with a correct English pronunciation and spelling, I am afraid you might not understand what exactly Mr. Modi said in his speech.

Modi Sarkar organized an event on 22 September 2019 in Houston, Texas. Modi along with US President Donald Trump were welcomed with a typical Indian culture at the event. Both Modi and Mr. Trump went directly on the stage, and after the national anthem Modi started his speech. Here I present to you the crucks of Speech of Modi at the event:

Good maarning hostan! Good maarning Taxas! Good morning amareeka, grreetings to my phelo Indianss in India and around the world. Pharrands! This morning, we have a very speshal person bith us, (Directing to US President Mr. Donald Trump) he needs no introduction (peoples’ applause) He name his familierr to every person on the planet. He (in between what he actually said, I literally didn’t understood) in all-most every convercation in the wold on global politics. Hij every word he ij phollowed by tens of millions. He waj a household man and very polular even before he went to occupy the highest office in this great country, from CEO to commonder in chief, from badrooms to the oval office from studios to global stage, from politics to the economy and to security he haj left a deep and lasting impact everywhere.

Two-day he ij here with us it my honor and privilege to welcome here in the magniphishant (magnificent) ishtadium (stadium) and the magnificent gathering and I can say I had chance to meet him often and every time I found the friendliness, warmth energy and I present of the United states of Amarca Mr Donald Trrump this is extra ordinally this unpresidental friends as I told you we have met a few times and every time he has been the same warmth, friendly, accessible energetics and full of wheet. I admire him for something more his sense of leadership a passion for America he concern for every American, he believe in American future and a strong result to make America a great again.

And he has already mad the American economy strong again he has achieved much for the united states and for the words. friends we in India have connected well with president Trrump the words the words of candidate trump “ab ki baar trumo Sarkar!” Ring loud and clear and his celeberation of the Diwali in the house white house lit up millions of the phaces (faces) with joy and appreciation.


When I met him for the first time he said to me idia has a true frind in whitehouse. Your presence here today is great testimony to that in these years our two nations have taken a relationship to new hights. Mr presedent this morning in hiiustin you can hear the heart beet of this great partnership in this celeberation of the world’s two largest democracies, you can feel the strength and depth of the human bonds between our two great nations. People are at the heart of all relathisips from the hoston to Hyderabad from boston to bangalaro from Chicago to Shimla from los angales to Ludhyana.

From new jersy  to new delhi hundresrds and millions are look to theor TV even though it is rather let on a Sunday night in India. Millions around the world in different time zones are with us today they are witnessing history in the making. Mr,  Presdents you had introduced me to your family in 2017 and today I have the honor to introduce you to my phamily (arming around to the crowd. crowd cheered) over a billion Indians and the people of Indian heritage around the globe. Ladies and gentleman I present to you my Phrind a phriend of India, A great American president Mr Donald Trump (He said this while handing towards Mr. Trump) and Mr Trump thanked to the words of Modi.

This way, the Speech of Modi ended. If I summarize this speech, I would rather say that this Speech of Modi was not less than a full of Charlie Chaplin’s famous Circus show. I personally enjoyed this drama, and hope you will enjoy as well.

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