Amnesty International India has now added into a drama- Kashmir Bleeds

Amnesty International India campaign Let Kashmir Speak

What is Amnesty International India

Amnesty International India is actually a subsidiary of Amnesty International. This is a not for profit organization working to fight the bad guys since 1961. This organization is striving for following motivations:

  • Human rights protection
  • Children’s human rights protection
  • No Women should be accused of homicide
  • Human rights violation
  • Environment safety
  • Freedom of expression
  • Against the use of plastics and likewise which can potentially violate the human rights

But, the question is why this organization didn’t stand against their own government in India for violating the human rights in Kashmir, and in minority Muslim and other minority religion areas of India? And now after a month, they’re ringing to stand against the human rights violation particularly in Kashmir. Which is really odd. I am not sure, what this organization should be named. Is it the other drama in the shape of human rights protection? Or this is only meant to be used for the extraction of misjudged executed policies.

Amnesty International India wants to stop Human violation in IOJK

Today i.e. on 5th September 2019, Amnesty International India has realized and published that draconian communication blackout in Indian occupied Jammu and Azad Kashmir is a disrespectful and outrageous assault on the local civilians of the Valley.

Aakar Patel, head of Amnesty International Indi, while launching a global campaign to highlight the human cost of the lockdown said as follows:

The blackout has now been a month old and cannot be prolonged any further by the Indian Government as it has grossly impacted the daily lives of Kashmiri people, their emotional and mental well-being, medical care, as well as their access to basic necessities and emergency services. It is tearing families apart

Amnesty International India has launched a trend #LetKashmirSpeak amid to get basic human rights to the local residents of Indian Occupied Jammu and Azad Kashmir. Remember that Narendra Modi, PM of India removed article 370 of 35A on 5th August 2019. This article was designed to protect and provide special status to the disputed area of Kashmir in India. which is how heaven has now turned into hell. Read 26th day of Curfew in IOJK


It is a basic principle of the offensive strategy of chess to bring out all your powerful pieces in the front line. If you fail in execution, then reverse your strategy by bringing your pawns ahead. The same has been done by the US government to bring Pakistan in front of Afghanistan to extract themselves after they realized they have played of inferior quality. Similarly, India will now look for ending the curfew and they will do something which can keep them at the safe end. That’s how they are now bringing the pawns in the shape of Amnesty International India and other agencies to end their brutal status.

Amnesty international India claimed that the Indian government is violating the freedom of expression. Which they believe to be a basic human right of every individual, which is indeed the basic right of every individual. Amnesty International India wrote that, 

The attempts to restrict the freedom of the press, like in the case of journalist and author Gowhar Geelani who was arbitrarily stopped at the Indira Gandhi International Airport, New Delhi from boarding his flight to Germany, have further compounded the effect of the communication blackout. According to a recent Kashmir Press Club statement, at least three senior Kashmiri journalists were asked to vacate government accommodations as soon as possible, which is ‘nothing but harassment aimed at coercing journalists to toe a particular line’. The government’s attempts to create a public opinion of ‘normalcy’ in Kashmir while curbing the freedom of the independent press have usurped the voice of the people.

Note: This is just a critical analysis of one of the Authors of GoFrixty. Users can argue the views in the comment box.


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