A Brief History of Karbala; Who is Hussain a.s?

Shrine of Hussain bin Ali (a.s) in Karbala, Iraq - History of Karbala

The History of Karbala

The Islamic year follows the lunar calendar and starts with the month of Muharram, known as the month of sorrow and remembrance. The sacred month of Muharram carries great religious significance in Islamic history as it carries the History of Karbala. The cruelest of tragedies humanity has ever seen happened in this month, when the grandson of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (S), Imam Hussain Ibne Ali (A.S) was martyred in the battle of Karbala, on the 10th of Muharram in 680 AD.

In the History of Karbala, a term used as Ashura i.e. the 10th. In this day, the battle was fought against the illegitimate rule of the Umayyad Caliph, Yazid Ibne Mu’awiya. Every year on this day, Muslims all over the world, commemorate the great sacrifice given by the family of the Prophet (S) against oppression and tyranny and to save the real teachings of Islam. Imam Hussain (A.S) was practically forced to fight this battle since he wouldn’t pledge his allegiance to Yazid’s rule. He was forced to leave his city of Medina and move to Makkah, but Yazid’s men made him leave Makkah too. He decided to go towards another city called Kufa (in modern-day Iraq) but while on the way, he was stopped by the huge Army of Yazid in the land of Karbala where the rest of his forces were waiting to kill him if he didn’t give in.

In the History of Karbala, the historians and religious scholars wrote that, Hussain (A.S), his small army of 72 followers and their families, were kept deprived of water and food for three days before the 10th when the battle took place and even the 6 months old child of Imam Hussain (A.S) was brutally murdered by the massive army of Yazid. The rest of the children and women were then taken in as prisoners. That’s the reason that people still remember the history of Karbala as a big example of the sacrifice for the sack of humanity and righteousness.

The savior of Islam

Hussain (A.S) is widely remembered as the savior of Islam

, the religion of his beloved grandfather, the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). He couldn’t stay quiet and pledge allegiance to a ruler who was set to change the teachings of Islam. This sad incident of the history of Karbala teaches us to say no to corruption, debauchery, cruelty and oppression. To stand against the wrongful and evil even if the circumstances are not in your favor.

The events of the history of Karbala teach us patience, loyalty, bravery and righteousness. It teaches us that even one person alone can bring a change in the world for the betterment of humanity if he is sincere and loyal to his goals and beliefs. It teaches us to not get intimidated by the apparent power and size of the evil; as even if it wins, for the time being, it loses for eternity. As we all know, even though Yazid won that battle on the field, yet he is known as one of the biggest tyrants in the chapters of the world’s history and the loser for eternity; a face and definition of evil and wickedness.

The battle of good vs the evil will continue till the doomsday. Hussain a.s with his great sacrifice taught humanity to continue fighting the evil and raise the voice for the oppressed against the oppressors. Even today, there can be seen many examples of human beings being oppressed and are fighting for their basic right to live peacefully. From Palestine to the Indian Occupied Jammu & Kashmir, Yemen, Afghanistan, China, Pakistan and many other parts of the world, people are killed mercilessly. It is our duty to raise our voices against the oppressive state of Israel and the brutality of the Indian forces and to help the Palestinians and Kashmiris gain their long-awaited independence from oppression. Similar struggles are required to establish peace in the Middle East and other parts of the world.


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