Occupied Jammu and Kashmir News: 26th day of a military siege

Indian Occupied Jammu and Kashmir Lattest NEWS: short of medicines

On 5th August 2019, Prime Minister of India, Narender Modi, issued orders of revoking the article 370 and sending a full bulk of armed forces into the valley, and since that, telephonic services, internet, medicine, business, markets, and even holy places (Masajid) are completely locked down in Indian occupied Jammu and Kashmir.

The situation is getting more worse as curfew days increases. The local residents are now getting short of food, medicines, and basic necessities. A havoc situation has been established within the valley that every single individual is unaware of the consequences. Talking about the capital city of Indian occupied Jammu & Kashmir (Srinagar), the city has turned into a garrison, or I can name it a prison. Because, people are not allowed to participate in any of the activity out there, as they are ordered to restrict themselves within their cottages.

World and the Indian Occupied Jammu and kashmir:

The world, Muslim society, humanitarians, and people who have any soft corner for humanity have now stood for solidarity with the valley’s local residents. Because they know that no one has the right to enforce anyone on anything. Things are supposed to be solved with the settlement, and successful outcomes always come-up with the win and win situation.

Forcing someone to follow you is a concept of slavery and this will not last for longer. As history is a witness that when things start flowing, someone will have to stand, and break the barriers.

Right now, its obligation on every individual to play their role to stand against injustice. As today this is happening with the local and legal residents of Indian occupied Jammu and Kashmir people, it is obvious, it can happen to any of us. And every one of us is answerable before ALLAH Almighty for what we contributed when something terrible was going on with the Ummah!.

During these days, Aljazeera reported that, after all these barriers, local Kashmiris came out of their houses and recorded more than 500 protests, and in those protests, more than 100 locals have been captured and sent into the jails, dozens of these people are martyred at the spots, and thousands of them are injured and short of medicines as well to get early recovered. The guardian (UKs newspaper) has also published enormous unwanted incidents faced by the local residents of the Indian occupied Jammu and Kashmir which actually has breached the lines of injustice and unhumannitarism.

Read more here on Kasmhmir issue.

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