Locust swarms in Pakistan will add to Coronavirus Crises: UN

Locust swarms in Pakistan

Locust Swarms in Pakistan (in Urdu called Tiddi and in Sindhi called Makar) have returned once again with full force. Locust swarms have been found in millions near Indus river in south Pakistan (Sindh region). These insects now being referred to as the coronavirus of agriculture.

The major agricultural parts of the Middle East, East Africa, and South Asia have been facing their worst locust swarms for 25 years. These insects were found in millions attacking to the field corps in south Punjab and Sindh region at the end of 2019. But with the decrease in temperature, this plague disappeared.

Now, as the temperature increase, this agricultural coronavirus has once again reappeared and is found eating major crops including strawberries and wheat. The United Nations Agriculture Agency has warned Pakistan Government for a new wave of ravening locust swarms threaten to devastate crops in parts of Pakistan.

Pakistan is currently fighting against major issues including COVID-19 Coronavirus Pandemic along with starvation, hunger, unemployment, post-lockdown implications, corruption mafia, and Indian terrorism. Now, this locust swarms have added into the list. Which made things much challenging for the country.

The ever-hungry insects in the past two years torn through much areas of the Middle East, South Asia, and East Africa, They have migrated from Iran and entered in south Asia, and from the horn of Africa to middle Africa. These voracious insects travel in millions and sit where they fond greenery.

The voracious locust swarms have the capability  to eat the crop from acres just in minutes. The local formers from Pakistan told that they play songs of “Jalal Chandio” in full volume or play the drums in their field to not allow voracious insects sit on their crops.

In the last year, the Government of Pakistan found quite struggling in fighting against the worst plague of agriculture. According to the Telegraph (A UK based NEWS agency), Britain’s Department for International Development (BDID) has given £1 million worth Rs.200 million last month to fight against voracious insects.

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