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fighting the Locust in Pakistan

Islamabad, (Gofrixty News Correspondence / Pakistan News | 25th August 2020) Besides Coronavirus, Pakistan is also fighting against the Locust (Tiddi/Makar) outbreak. In this fight, 40 crop sprays were delivered to the National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA), Pakistan. They are manufactured by Micron Group (A British Owned Company).

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They were sent via the UK’s Royal Air Force (RAF) early in the morning of 24th August 2020. These 40 crop sprays were sent to help Pakistan fight the devastating locust outbreak in the region.

These 40 sprays are the part of a large order made by the NDMA. This contract is underlined to the close UK-Pakistan trading relationship. Additionally, these 40 sprays are the part of the 20 sprays which UK Government had delivered to NDMA earlier this year under a £1m UK aid package to tackle the outbreak and help Pakistan in fight against the Locust outbreak in the region.

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The use of the British Military flight allowed the maximum number of sprayers to be delivered in the quickest time possible and without transportation costs for Pakistan.

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The Acting British High Commissioner, Alison Blackburne said;

This is a great example of UK-Pakistan co-operation. The RAF’s delivery of these has meant that now Pakistan has 40 more locust sprayers from the UK to help tackle this locust outbreak. The UK stands as a close friend with Pakistan to help use the best of British technology to bring the situation under control and ensure the locusts do not ravage more crops

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