Nine reasons behind not Recommendation in ISSB & Some Important Information

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ISSB recommendation letter having 2 red stripes at the left corner of the page, is a core wish of every aspirant. Not every aspirant got to have it, but only fewer aspirants approach it. That’s is because not every aspirant actually follows the basic blueprints of achieving this landmar. Here are 9 Reasons Behind Not Recommendation In ISSB. Must read carefully and get yourself prepared accordingly.

Thousands of candidates appear for ISSB (Inter-Services Selection Board) Tests in all the centres each year. To get recommendation in ISSB is always a dream for every aspirant. Many candidates among them are fresh and some are appearing for the second time. All of them are tested and pass through some stages of tests and then get their result. Some of the candidates are Recommended for the Selection while others are declared as Not Recommended due to some shortcomings. The reason for failure is not stated in the Result Letter so a lot of candidates get confused. Many candidates think they have done everything fine but didn’t get Recommended even in two chances. Many of candidates asking himself, why I didn’t Recommend in ISSB? or Why I’m Not Recommended? As I early stated that reason is not shown so it is very difficult to come at any possible reason. However, I’m trying to present some possible reasons behind the failure or Not Recommendation. All the candidates who are Not Recommended in first chance must read this and avoid all or anything they had done wrong. Fresh candidates should also read this and decide well and start preparing in the right direction.
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The following are some reasons for Not Recommendation and you’re suggested to read carefully and adopt appropriately even before going for ISSB initial test preparation;

1 Not Enough Knowledge will lead to not recommendation in ISSB:

The military services need enough knowledge. You must have enough knowledge about the geography of Pakistan and other Important countries, about history, Islam, heroes, culture, science, math and nature. You must have enough knowledge of the World. You must be familiar with the current major problems and issues which Pakistan and other countries are facing. You must have knowledge about current affairs. It’s must to have a proper vision about different issues and current problem from the economy to defence and from international relation to development and you can talk fluently on it.
What you think about a candidate who doesn’t know about the capitals, currency or even the presidents of important countries. What you think about those with no knowledge about current issues like terrorism, financial problems and International Relations about different nations and states. And about those having nil knowledge about the history of Islam even that of Indo-Pak. Do you think candidates whose 7 answers of 10 are comprising as ‘Sorry Sir’ or ‘Don’t Know Sir’ or ‘I forgot’? It’s worthy to be noted that the term ‘I Forgot’ doesn’t carry any meaning.
To avoid this you must have a strong grip over the history, current affairs, major issues and current situation throughout the world. We suggest that you have enough knowledge about the different states and nations, important pacts and agreements. You also should have knowledge about the boundaries and military issues between different nations. I suggest you keep yourself in touch with Newspapers, current affairs magazines, GoFrixty and other informative websites and online forums. I also recommend reading the newspaper on a daily basis.

2 No Proper Preparation:

Many of the candidates tested in ISSB are declared Not Recommended because they have no proper and right preparation as to how to talk and walk properly, how to sit properly in front of Deputy President and Psychologist, how to stand and how to sit. Some candidates speak in extremely loud while others speak extremely low. Some candidates feel shy while talking in group activities and stay silent and inactive. Many candidates move their hands and evenly head and body while talking, some get emotional and many feels lower-class while doing group tasks, all these will lead you towards the failure.
Also, a lot of candidates laugh loudly in any funny situation while many have 12 o’clock at their forehead every time.
If you can say even two sentences in front of an officer, how you will spend your time in the training academy. If you feel shied or ashamed or feel fear, how you will deal with the trainers in your academy. If you are laughing at friends and group members, everyone will angry at you and it will be very difficult to live happily in the academy. Also if you are every time in tense, probably no one will like to make you friend. All these are bad characters, try to avoid this.
Avoid this situation and live and act like a normal human. Some time show seriousness and sometimes smile. Stay strong and talk boldly. It is better to meet any military officer prior your ISSB, get talks with him, ask questions and express your feelings on different issues, this will make yourself free from the fear of elders and officers. Get rid of any tension.

3 Showing Power-Mindset:

This is one of the worst drawbacks of an individual’s character. If a candidate thinks that I will become an officer and will show to my village or ‘Muhalla’ what I’m really, or to show your authority or power to your opponents and those whom you dislike.
It should be clear that forces are not forgiving the priority to your personal benefits and will never allow you to use your uniform authority for your personal matters. They will never let you misuse your power.
If you are willing to join forces for the Show-of-Power, it is the right time now to leave the dream of becoming an officer. The psychologist knows everything about your character and mindset.

4 Money Making Concept will lead to sure not recommendation in ISSB:

Have you read or listen to the stories of high life standard of military officers? Maybe you are joining forces to live a high standard of living, get high salaries and packages and allowances, live in fancies houses, mess life and many more. Do you believe in the richness of forces officers? Have you seen the officers children studying in high standards schools and institutions? If yes and due to this reason your willing to join forces. If you think all the things above are sure then you probably have seen the one side of the image.

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In military life, you have to face a tough situation also. You also have to spend time on the battlefield, you may have to face heavy firing, emergency situations, operations and to defend the attacks also. During different field activities, you may face hunger, thirst and fears. You may have to live alone far from family.
If you are not ready for the tough side of the military life and only wish to live happily side after getting Recommendation in ISSB, then you are not fit for the military. Try your luck in other fields of life.

5 Appreciation Mindset:

Some candidates also keep the military career at wish-list as they see the honor and respect the military servicemen have achieved. Due to this reason, they also want to get such honor and respect and then they apply for the Commission Course.
It is right the servicemen get respect and honor at each department as well as in the society. But this honor is not received just sitting under the roof. There is a lot of sweat probably blood also. After more tough days-and-nights of life, they get such honor.

6 Psychological Problem will also lessen the chances of recommendation in ISSB:

Some candidates have a psychological shortcoming in his character. Such are not suitable for Recommendation in ISSB. If you are rude or get angry soon and on little things, you have to avoid these shortcomings. Also if girls are your weakness then you are not eligible. Same is the thing with hotness and other related drawbacks etc.

7 Fear Of Anything:

Do you fear from height, water or depth etc? If yes then you have to get rid of these things. During the ISSB Tests, you are to be tested in every aspect. Individual Obstacles shows your fears if you have of anything. Some candidates leave the Monkey Bridge, its reflect your fear of Height. If you avoid Ditch Crossing, it reflects your fear of depth. Similarly the hanging bridge, and other obstacles.

8 Physical Fitness:

Military life needs physical fitness along with mental fitness. You must be physically so strong to face any difficulty. During the Group Task, you may have taken drums and other heavy materials with you alone. You may have to stand with one foot and keep yourself balanced. You may have to walk with one foot during the Final Group Task. Similarly, candidates may have crossed some sections of task with the help of swing and some with the help of a narrow plank. Candidates may have to face jumping and like other obstacles.
What do you think of a candidate who can’t properly cross even the Zig-Zag in Obstacles? Many candidates haven’t experience crossing Tarzan Swing and like other obstacles and they fear of it. Many candidates can’t stay balance with one foot even for few seconds. Some of them walk through plank much slowly and some of them fell down also. It is clear that you can’t achieve success without physical fitness.

9 Absence Of Harmony:

Military is the combination of peoples from different walks of fields. It is comprised of believers from different faiths and religions. All the servicemen live happily in a unit or squadron despite they have different maternal languages and different family classes.
The officials also expect harmony and respect towards different castes and religions. If you have hate in your heart for any kind of people even for your enemy then you haven’t any place in Pakistan Armed Forces.

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Important Information for Recommendation in ISSB

Those who are willing to join Pak-Army or any Armed Force, remember the General Knowledge shared below. It would help you in Preliminary Tests and ISSB. Get Confirmed Recommendation in ISSB.
• Pakistan’s highest mountain peak K-2 is located in? Karakoram range.
• Who was the architect of Second Constitution? Ayub Khan.
• The Soan and Haro are the two rivers of? Potohar Plateau
• The area lying between river Beas and river Ravi is called? Bari Doab
• ‘Kashmir Solidarity Day’. is observed in Pakistan each year on? 5 Feb.
• The Province of Pakistan which covers the largest area 43% is? Balochistan (Punjab 25.8 percent)
• The Second Prime Minister and Governor of Pakistan? Nazimuddin
• Who is the first woman Prime Minister of Pakistan? Benazir Bhutto
• Who had the longest period of rule to his credit? Gen Zia-ul-Haq
• Who had shortest tenure of President? Z.A. Bhutto
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• Who had shortest tenure as Governor-General of Pakistan? Khawaja Nazimuddin
• Point out the name of first Governor of State Bank? Zahid Hussain
• Who was the first Female Governor? Begum Rana Liaquat Ali
• Who was the first Chief of Staff of the Armed Forces? Gen. Tikka Khan.
• Who was the first Chief Justice of Pakistan? Justice Abdul Rashid
• Who was the first Chief of the Air Force? Air Marshal Zafar Ahmad
• Who was the First Chief of Staff of the Navy? Hafeez Ahmad
• Who was the First Chairman Joint Chiefs of Staff Committee? General Muhammad Sharif
• Which is the highest Military award in Pakistan? Nishan-e-Haider
• Which is the highest Civil award of Pakistan? Nishan-e-Pakistan
• Which is the coldest place of Pakistan? Sakardo
• The area of Pakistan is? 796,096 sq Km.
• The first recipient of Nishan-e-Haider was? Capt. Sarwar Shaheed
• Famous lake Saif ul Maluk is located in? Kaghan
• The length of Indus River? 2896 Km.
• Who headed the commission formed by Ayub Khan for drafting the 1962 Constitution? Manzoor Qadir
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• The number of seats of National Assembly won by Awami League in the 1970 election? 160
• Bangladesh came into existence on? 16th December 1971.
• The number of Articles included in the constitution of 1973? 280
• Z.A. Bhutto took oath as President under the Provisional Constitution on? 21st April 1972.
• The new capital of Pakistan was given the name of Islamabad on? 24th Feb 1959.
• Gen. Ayub Khan suspended Iskandar Mirza on? 27th October 1958
• The Qadianis were declared as minority in the National Assembly on? 7th September 1974.
• When Zakat and Ushr Ordinance was enforced? 20th June 1980
• Muhammad Khan Junejo took oath as Prime Minister of Pakistan on? 23rd March 1985.
• One Unit was formed in? 1955
• Gwadar became the part of Pakistan in? 1958
• Balochistan was given status of Province? 1970
• West Pakistan was divided into four provinces in? 1973
• The post of C.N.C was changed in Chief of Staff? 1976.
• Banks were nationalized in Pakistan in? 1974
• Karakoram highway which was completed In 15 years was formally opened in? 1978
• River Indus enters in Pakistan near? Chelas
• Youm-e-Fazia is observed on? 7th September
• Rawal Dam is near Islamabad on Kurang river
• Chaman is famous for? Fruit
• Lal Suhanra Park is in? Bahawalpur
• RCD agreement concluded between Turkey Iran and Pakistan on? 21st July 1964
• Where is Masjid Wazir Khan? Lahore.
• Federal Sharit Court was established in? 1979
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• Nationalization of industries was started by? Z.A. Bhutto
• Qisa Khawani Bazar is in? Peshawar
• Bolan Pass meets? Quetta with Afghanistan
• Boundary line between Azad Kashmir and Occupied Kashmir is called Control Line (720Km)
• Boundary between India and Pakistan demarcated by Sir Cyril Radcliff is called Radcliff Line
• In Rann of Kutch dispute in 1965, Pakistan declared frontier between Pakistan and India is 24th Parallel Line
• Which city of Pakistan is known as the ‘City of Colleges’? Lahore
• What is Pakistan’s major export? Taxtile industry (Cotton) (second rice)
• The Quaid-i-Azam was born in Wazir Mension Karachi
• Which is the first newspaper of Urdu language? Jam-e-Jahan Numma (1st Pakistani __ Amroz)
• When Radcliffe Award was announced? 17th August 1947
• Which of the following king has introduced Land Revenue system in subcontinent? Sher Shah Suri
• Talbul project is disputed between Pakistan and India.
• Mehdi Shah was elected first Chief Minister of Gilgit Baltistan.
• Rah-e-Rasat Operation was started by Army of Pakistan in Swat
• Rah-e-Nijat Operation was started by Army of Pakistan in South Waziristan
• 17 Member bench of SC has declared NRO null & void and unconstitutional all cases withdrawn under NRO reopen with immediate effect on 16th December 2009
• What is the full name of Kerry-Lugar Bill? Enhanced Partnership with Pakistan Act of 2009
• Under ‘Enhanced Partnership with Pakistan Act of 2009’ what will USA provide Pakistan? $ 1.5 billion annually
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• For how long Pakistan would get the US aid under Kerry-Lugar bill? 5 years
• How much total US aid will flow to Pakistan under Kerry-Lugar bill over the five years? US$ 7.5 billion
• Gilgit-Baltistan (empowerment and Self-Governance) Order, 2009 was approved on August 29, 2009
• 7th NFC award was signed by prime minister and other chief ministers of all provinces on 30th December 2009.
• Shahbaz Airbase is located in Jacobabad.
• Shamsi Airbase is located in Quetta.
• “In the line of Fire” is the autobiography of General Pervez Musharraf
• Who wrote “Freedom Movement of India”? I.H.Qureshi
• “Reconstruction of Religious Thoughts in Islam” is written by Allama Iqbal
• “The Idea of Pakistan” is a famous book written by Stephen Philip Cohen
• Pakistan, the Heart of Asia is written by Liaquat Ali Khan.
• Who wrote India wins Freedom? Maulana Abu’al Kalam Azad
• The writer of The Spirit of Islam is Amir Ali
• Struggle for Pakistan was written by I.H. Qureshi
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• The author of Pathway to Pakistan is Choudhry Khaliquzzaman
• The writer of Friends Not Masters is Ayub Khan
• ‘Daughter of the East’ book is written by Benazir Bhutto
• Democracy and Authoritarianism in South Asia book is written by Ayesha Jalal
• The State of Martial Rule book is written by Ayesha Jalal
• Self and Sovereignty book is written by Ayesha Jalal
• The Making of Pakistan book is written by K. K. Aziz
• The Emergence of Pakistan book is written by Ch. Mohammad Ali
• Towards Pakistan book is written by Waheed-uz-Zaman
• A Passage to India book is written by E.M. Forster
• The old name of Dhaka is Jehangir Nagar
• What is the old name of Jaccoabad? Khan Garh
• What is the new name of Salwan Kot? Sialkot
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• When the name of Lyallpur was changed to Faisalabad? 1977
• Which city is known as Switzerland of Pakistan? Swat
• What is the old name of Quetta city? Shal Kot
• What is the old name of Sahiwal? Montgomery
• Pakistan became the member of UNO on 30 September, 1947
• The last Governor General and first viceroy of united India was Lord Cunning.
• The last viceroy of united India was Lord Mount Batten
• Sindh is known as Bab-ul-Islam.
• The Objective Resolution was put forwarded by Liaqat Ali Khan on 12 March,1949.
• Khushal Khan Khatak and Rehman Baba are two famous Pushto poets.
• The State Bank was inaugurated by Quaid-e-Azam on 1st July 1948.
• The first constitution of Pakistan came into force on 23rd March 1956 and cancelled on 7 oct 1958.
• Pakistan’s second Governer General and 2nd Prime Minister was Khawaja Nazimuddin.
• Sui gas was found in the year 1952.
• The first meeting of the Muslim League took place in 1907 at Karachi and presided by Adam je pir bhai.
• The Cripps Mission visited India in 1942
• Songs of blood and swords book is written by Fatima Bhutto
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• The old name of Lahore City is Mahmoodpur.
• What is the name of Hyderabad at the time of Muhammad Bin Qasim? Neroon Kot
• What is the old name of Attock? Cambellpur
• What is the old name of Zhob? Fort Sandeman
• Which of the following name is the old name of pakpattan? Ajodhan Pur (by Akbar the Great)
• What is the new name of Hindu Bagh? Muslim Bagh
• What is the old name of Bin Qasim (sea port)? Pepri
• Mount Batten announced his plan on 3rd June 1947.
• The first independent ruler of Muslim India was Qutub uddin Aibak.
• Partition of Bengal took place on 16th Oct, 1905 (Lord Curzin) and cancelled in 1911(Hoarding).
• All India Congress was founded by Allan O. Hume in1885.
• Badshahi Mosque was built by Aurangzeb Alamgir at Lahore in 1674.
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• Babur was the founder of Mughal Dynasty in1526 and the last Mughal Emperor of India was Bahadur Shah Zafar.
• Pakistan’s largest steel mill is at pipri (Karachi) formed by the cooperation of Russia.
• The Mosque built by Shah Jahan is at Thatta.
• The true name of Hazrat Mujaddid Alif Sani was Shaikh Ahmed.
• In the 1945 Muslim League won 30 Muslims seats in the central Assembly.
• Sind Madarsa-ul-Islam was founded by Hasan Ali Afandi.
• Syed Ameer Ali founded Muslim League’s branch at London in 1908.
• The Mughal Emperor Akbar introduced the “Deen-e-Elahi” in 1582.
• Shah Abdul Latif and Sachal Sarmast are two important Sindhi poets.
• Two places famous for wooden crafts are Hala and Kashmor in Pakistan.
• Sindh Muslim League passed a resolution in 1938.
• Nizam-e-Mustafa movement was carried in the year 1977.
• .The first Muslim League Government was formed in Sindh in 1943.
• Masjid Mahabat Khan is situated at Peshawar.
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• Masjid Wazir Khan is situated at Lahore.
• Simla Delegation met Lord Wevell in 1945.
• Pakistan exploded its first atomic bomb at Chaghi on 28th May 1998.
• The period of first five year plan was 1955-1960.
• The first Conferences of NAM was held at Belgrade in 1961 and Pakistan joined the NAM in in the year 1979 at Havana.
• Hazrat Usman Marvandi is known as Lal Shahbaz Qalandar.
• In 1945-1946 elections Muslim League won all seats in central and 90% in provincial assembly.
• In 1945,Lord Wavell proposed the formation of a temporary government consisting of the political parties of United India.
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• According to 3rd June 1947 plan plebiscite was held in N.W.F.P and Silhyte.
• The five principles passed by the Non-Aligned countries are called Punj Shilla.
• Sir Syed brought out the digest “Tehzib-ul-Akhlaq” in 1870.
• The first central office of Muslim League was established at Aligarh.
• .The first constituent assembly of Pakistan was dissolved on 24th Oct, 1954 and Mir Maulvi Tamizuddin was its speaker.
• National Assembly consists of 342 Muslim members and the Senate consists of 104 members.
• Pakistan became the member of U.N on 30th September 1947 and Afghanistan Opposed it.
• The second constitution of Pakistan was promulgated on 8 June 1962.
• Quaid-e-Azam remained member of both Muslim League and Congress for 7 years (1913 to 1920)
• The Swadeshi movement means Boycott of goods (British goods)
• Who delivered the Presidential address in which the Muslim League was established? Nawab Waqr ul Mulk
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• “Humdard” and “Comarade” was started by Moulana Muhammad Ali
• Jinnah was the Principle architect of Lucknow pact
• The most important change brought about by Minto Morley Reforms (in 1909) was Separate Electorate
• Shuddhi and Sangthan movements were started at the end of Tehrik e Khilafat
• “Zamindar” was brought about by Zafar Ali Khan
• Report of Rowlatt Committee was published in 1918
• Jallianwala Bagh tragedy took place in: 1919
• Jinnah resigned from congress during Nagpur session in 1920
• Moplah rising in Malabar took place in 1921
• The Moplah rose against the British and Hindu Zamindar.
• Which movement was started by Sir Swami Shradhnand?Shuddhi
• Sangthan was started by Pandit Malavia
• Chauri Chaura incident took place in 1922
• Khilafat was abolished by Mustafa Kamal Pasha in 1924
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• Simon Commission was sent to India in 1927
• On the arrival Simon Commission Muslim League was Split into two groups one was led by Sir Muhammad Shafee and the other was led by Quaid e Azam.
• Which party was divided into pro changers and changers? Congress
• Nehru Report was an answer to the challenge given by Lord Birkenhead
• Nehru Report accepted the following demand a separate province for North-West Frontier and Sindh
• Jinnah Fourteen points were offered in 1929(M.Ali Johar helped in 14points)
• Which member of Simon Commission resigned and replaced by another member Stephen Walsh
• Dyarchy was scrapped in 1919 Reforms
• The first session of Round Table Conference was opened in London
• Which party was not present in First Round Table Conference Congress
• Federal form of Government for India was approved by British in First Round Table Conference
• Who was the Prime Minster of England during First Round Table Conference?Ramsay Macdonald
• Second Round Table Conference was held in 1931
• Communal award was published in 1932
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• What was the reaction of Congress and Muslim League over Communal Award? Both Disliked
• The recommendation of Round Table Conference was published in 1933.
• The whole of India Act of 1935 came into operation in provincial part in 1937
• Anandhnath is a novel and Nagri is a Script
• Pirpur Report was about Congress ministries (By Mahadi 1n 1938)
• Shareef Pur report was about Bihar
• Who wrote” Muslim Suffering under Congress Rule”? Fazl ul Haq
• Wardha scheme was about Education
• The author of Wardha Scheme was Zakir Hussain
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• Day of Deliverance was celebrated on 22nd December 1939
• “Now or Never” pamphlet was written in 1933 byCh. Rehmat Ali
• “Pakistan National Movement” was founded by Ch. Rehmat Ali
• “Outline of a Scheme of Indian federation” was written by Sikandar Hayat Khan
• Lahore resolution was introduced by Fazl ul Haq in 1940
• “Thoughts on Pakistan” was written by Ambedkar.
• The British August offer was made in 1940
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• What was the response of Muslim League over British offer? Neither accepted nor rejected
• Which Congress leader thought after Lahore Resolution that the partition was unavoidable?Raja Gopal Acharia
• Sapru proposals were offered in 1945
• Liaquat – Desai Pact was concluded in 1945
• Wavell plan was made in 1945 (Parity was the issue in Wavel Plan)
• In1945 elections, out of total 102 seats of Central Assembly,Congress won 57and Muslim league won 30 seats
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• In the provincial elections of 1946 Congress won 930 seats and Muslim League won 428 seats
• In Provincial elections of 1946 total seats of Muslim League were 492
• In the Cabinet mission who many Cabinet Ministers were present 3
• The name of the Cripps Mission was made after Sir Stafford Cripps who was The President of the Board of Trade
• The Cabinet Mission members were parleyed with how many Muslim members 4
• Cripps Mission Published its report on 30th March 1942
• The main emphasis in Cripps Mission was on Creation of new Dominion
• Non accession clause was mentioned in Cripps mission
• “Quit India” movement was started in 1942
• In the Cabinet Mission provinces were divided into how many sections? Three
• Quaid e Azam, for the continuation of Cabinet mission, demanded how many portfolios? Five
• In Cabinet Mission plan total portfolios were Sixteen
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• Congress was awarded how many portfolios?Six
• How many portfolios were given to Muslim League?Five
• How many portfolios were reserved for minorities?Three
• Lord Wavell was replace by Lord Mountbatten
• The only Indian on the Viceroy lord Mountbatten staff was V.P. Menon
• V.P. Menon prepared the final draft of the transfer of Power
• Lady Mountbatten is said to be the close friend of Nehru
• What was the name of the daughter of Nehru?Indra
• Who wanted to become the joint Governor General of India and Pakistan? Mountbatten
• Who decided, at the time of partition, the fate of Baluchistan? Shahi Jirga
• By which method fate of NWFP was decided? Referendum
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• Jinnah was by origin a Khoja (Language Gujarati)
• “Dawn”, the Muslim League newspaper was started in 1942(founder M.Ali Jinnah)
• Besides Jinnah who was the ex-officio member of Muslim League Working Committee Liaquat Ali Khan
• Direct Action resolution was passed in July 1946
• Jinnah’s speeches were translated into Urdu often by Nawab Bahadur Yar Jung.
• Who gave Fatwas in 1945 and forbade to joining Muslim League? Maulana Hussain Ahmad Madni
• Which party leader labeled Quaid e Azam as “Kafre azam”? Jamiyat al Ulema-i- Hind
• Which magazine criticized Jinnah’s decision to become the Governor General?Economist
• Whom Jinnah appointed the Governor of NWFP? Sir George Cunningham
• Soon after the establishment of Pakistan which Prime minister had been the Ambassador to Burma also?Muhammad Ali Bogra
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• Battle of Buxer: 1764
• First census in Sub-Continent: 1881(Lord Rippon)
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• Jamrud Fort: Gen Hari Singh Nalwa
• The Home Rule League: sep 3, 1916—Anne Besent & Bal Ganga Dhar Tilak
• Five mountain ranges of Pakistan: 1-Himalaya 2-karakoram 3-hindukash 4-Suleman 5-Salt range
• Rabi season: January to May
• Khareef season: June to September
• First private airline: The Hajveri Airline
• Pak,afgh,CARS and China borders meet at the Hindukash range
• Nalter is famous for snow skiing
• Highest peak in Chagai—the Malik Naru peak
• Hamun-i-Mashkel—-54 miles
• Mohanjo Daro—–The Larkana distt (1922)
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• Harappa——–The Sahiwal distt (1921)
• Area of Sind 140914
• NWFP——74521
• Balochistan—347190
• Punjab—-205345
• Pakistan’s first Embassy (Iran)
• Khyber Agency—2776
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• Kurram Agency—3380
• Simla Agreement—July 03,1972
• Tashkent Declaration—January 10,1966
• First expedition landed on Antarctica: January 15, 1991
• First day-night international one-day cricket match in Pak:March 17,1996
• First radio station: August 14,1948 (Karachi)
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• First TV—- November 26.1964 (Lahore)
• PTV’s colour transmission—December 20,1976
• Radio Pak. Converted into December 20.1972
• Warsak Dam-NWFP——-1960 on kabal river
• Gawadar Port —September 9,1958— buy by Feroz khan Noon—Oman
• Total area of Northern Agencies:27,000
• “Pakistan’’ is both a Persian and an Urdu word
• Congress ministries resigned on October 22,1939—and Deliverance Day on December 22,1939
• One-Unit—October 14,1955 to July 01,1970
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• Nationalization of vital industries by Bhutto through an Ord.on January 02,1972
• Complete nationalization of banks: January 01,1974
• Zia—president on September 16, 1978 when tenure of Ch.Fazal Ilahi got expired.
• 1984—-Ban on student and union organizations
• Zia referendum: December 19,1984
• Zia regime—non-party elections—February 1985
• Tragedy of Ojri camp: April 10,1988
• Geneva Convention—Junejo signs on April 16,1988
• Iraqi Ambassador—persona non grata—expelled—February 1973
• Qisas and Diyat Ord. : October 13,1990
• First woman bank: December 01,1989(Nusrat Bhutto-karachi)
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• First postal stamp: July 09,1948
• First fed. ombudsman(Sardar M.Iqbal—February 25,1983—for 4 years)
• President of UN Gen.Assemlby—Sir Zafar ullah Khan—17th UN session
• Oldest cantonment: Kohat
• First state that joined Pakistan:Bahawalpur State
• First SOS village: 1977-LAHORE
• National Anthem: first broadcast on radio on august 13,1954
• First bio-gas plant: 1974(Karachi)
• Balochistan: status of province on July 01,1970
• The designation of commander in chief changed into chief of staff on march 02,1976
• Rafiq Ahmed Bajwa used the term of Nizam e Mustafa during PNA movement in 1977
• Zakat o Ushar Ordinance: June 20,1980
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• 22 points of 31 Ulema: January 24,1951
• 8th Amendment Ord.:March 02,1985
• Soviet Union dismembered on December 21,1991
• Meenar e Pakistan: its model was prepared in 1963, completed on October 31, 1968.
• 1947-48: per capita income was 311 Rs.
• Ameer e Kuwait was the first foreign head of the state who visited Pakistan.
• Sardar Abdur Rab Nishtar succeeded Moodi as Governor of Punjab.
• Liaquat Nehru Pact: signed on April 18,1950
• M.Ali Bogra Formula: October 1953
• PNA(Pakistan National Alliance) against Bhutto
• MRD(Movement for Rehabilitation of Democracy) against Zia
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• First Constituent Assembly: first session on August 10,1947—-total members(69)
• Justice Abdur Rasheed administer oath from Quaid as Gov.Gen
• Syed Akbar attacked Liaquat Ali Khan
• OIC Summit in Lahore: February 1974—Bangladesh recognized
• Six points of Sheikh Mujeeb: February 1966
• Baba Guru Nanak: born in 1469
• Lowari Tunnel is in Chitral
• Before partition, there were only three dams in our country:
1-Khushdil Khan(1890-Balochistan)
3-Namal Dam(1913-Mianwali)
• First atomic energy institute: January 1955
• Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission (PAEC):1956—Dr.Nazir Ahmed-first chairman
• Colombo Plan: 6 year development plan—1951—focused Pakistan
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• NWFP Referendum: July 6-17, 1947
• Congress Ministies of NWFP(Dr.Khan Sahib) dismissed by Quaid on August 22,1947
• Liaquat Ali Khan’s first foreign visit after partition was towards India in April 1950
• Khawaja Nazimudin resigned on April 19,1953
• Sindh was separated from Bombay presidency in the year 1935
• The first General elections of Pakistan were held in the year 1970
• Immediately after Independence from the British India forcefully annexed Kashmir.
• The first Saint to came South Asia Sheikh ismail lahori 1005 A.D
• Who is called the “Parrot of India”? Amir Khusro
➢ Total area of Pakistan is 769,096 sq km, and the total area of Azad Kashmir is 13,297 km.
➢ Pakistan lies between 61E to 75.5 E longitrade and 24N to 37N Latitudes.
➢ The standard time of Pakistan is five hours ahead of Greenwhich Mean time.
➢ The tropic of Cancer (23N 30N) does and allow the sun rays to become very, therefore Pakistan records high temperature in summer and the winter are not very severe.
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➢ Pakistan is surrounded by land on three sickles east, west and North and Arabian Sea is on its South and makes 1046 km (650 miles) coast line.
➢ Pakistan’s territory sea limit is 12 nm; the Exclusive meantime economic zone of Pakistan is 240 nm.
➢ Out of the total area of Pakistan 1% is levered by Islamabad (906 sq km).
➢ Out of total area of Pakistan, FATA covers 3% I, e. 27,220 sq km.
➢ 58% area of Pakistan is covered by Mountains and plateaus and 42% by plains and detests.
➢ Pakistan is Land locked from three sides. It has following immediate neighbors.
▪ East India, 1610 km (1000 miles) border. Radchiff live and Run off Kuchh are two boundary lines between India and Pakistan. Run off kuchh is also called 24th parallel line, it was signed in 1968. Two railway lines connect Pakistan with India. One through Wagah near Lahore connects Atari near Amritsar. Other exists between khokrapar (Sindh) and Munabao (India) in 1949 leare-fire line came into existence, but line of control (720 km) was demarcated in 1972 (simla agreement).
▪ China lies in the North of Pakistan. Karakoram and Himalayas are two snow capped mountain Ranges which make a border between the two countries.Boundary agreement between china and Pakistan was ringed in 1963. The border between Pakistan and china is 585 km.
▪ Afghanistan is located of the North Western border of Pakistan. Pakistan had a longest border with Afghanistan which is 2252 km. It is called Durand line. It was established in 1893 by an agreement between Afghanistan British Rulers. There are two important Roads that link Afghanistan with Pakistan. One links Peshawar with Kabul Via the famous Khyber Pass. Another links Quetta to Kandhar via the Khojak Pass.
▪ Iran lies to the South west of Pakistan. There is 805 km long direct border between Pakistan and Iran.The boundary line demarcated in 1960. There is a railway link between Pakistan and Iran. Koh-i-Taftan is border railway station in Pakistan and Zahedan in Iran. Another road links sowthern Balochistan through turbot and Mand with Iran.
▪ Wakkan, a narrow strip of Afghanistan separates Pakistan from Tajikistan one of the Land locked central Asian states.
➢ The Strait of Hormuz is close to Pakistan. Pakistan port Gawadar is very strategically located. It can effectively guard the Strait of Hormuz which is a major route for oil and other traffic of the Gulf area.
➢ Baluchistan is the largest province according to area and least populous province of Pakistan. It covers 44% total area of Pakistan. It has common borders with Iran and Afghanistan. It shares its border with the remaining three provinces and the Arabian Sea also.
➢ Punjab is the second largest province according to area and first largest in population. It covers 25.8% area of the total area of Pakistan. In the east, it has a common border with India and internally Sindh lies to its south, KPK to the west and Jammu and Kashmir to the North.
➢ Sindh is the third largest province according to area and second largest in population. It covers 17.7% of the total area of Pakistan. It has common border with India, Punjab, Balochistan and the Arabian Sea.
➢ Khyber Pakhtunkhwa covers 6% area out of the total area of Pakistan. It has common border with Punjab, Balochistan and Northern Area.
➢ Islamabad 906 sq km. 0.1% of total Area of Pakistan.
➢ Siachen is the highest battlefield in world it is the largest glacier of Pakistan it is 45 miles long and 2000 feet high.
➢ K-2 is the highest mountain in Pakistan, it is located in Karakoram mountain range, and its height is 8611 meters. It was first conquered by Good win Austin in 1954 that’s why it is also called Good win Austin. It is the second highest peak in the world.
➢ The youngest mountains of the world (Himalayas) are present in Pakistan but oldest mountains are in India.Karakoram Range separates Pakistan from china and made a boundary between two countries.
➢ Hindu Kush Range separates Pakistan from Afghanistan.
➢ The Karakoram Mountains lie on North of the Indus River and extend northward beyond the borders of Pakistan. They are nearly 200 km wide.
➢ The Karakoram Range is most extensively snow covered, eighteen glaciers ranging from 7 km to 72 km are found here. The longest are the Siachen 72 kms and the Biafo 625 kms.
➢ Total area covered by glaciers in Pakistan is 13% of total area of Pakistan it is 13680 sq km.
➢ Batura, Biafo Shispar chogo Lungma glaciers are also located in Karakoram Mountain Range.
➢ The world’s highest passes such as Khunjrab, Lawari and Shandoor are siuated in Karakoram Mountain Range.
➢ The highest Peak of Himalayas Range in Pakistan is Naga Parbat. It is 8126m high and second highest Peak in Pakistan. It was first conquered in 1953.
➢ The highest Peak of Hindu Kush range is Tirch Mir. It is 7670m high. It starts from Pamir.
➢ In Pakistan five Peaks have more than 8000m height. Pakistan has 82 Peaks in her territory.
➢ Hindu Kush Mountain is mostly located in Afghanistan. It guards the northern border of Pakistan. Areas of Chitral and Dir are in this Mountain Range.
➢ Valley of Hunza is in between the Karakoram and Himalaya is located near the is on the South of River Kabul. It is 3000 m high.
➢ Khyber Pass is also located in Koh-e-Safed Mountain Range. Its average height is 3000m.
➢ The highest Peak of Koh-e-Sulaiman range is Takhat-e-Sulaiman. Its height is 3500m.
➢ Siachen glacier is located in the region of Baltistan. It is the largest glacier of Pakistan it is 72km long. It is also the highest glacier of Pakistan.
➢ The highest pass in Pakistan is Karakoram pass, Khyber Pass is 54km long pass; it connects Pakistan with Afghanistan through Peshawar.
➢ Dargai Pass connects Mardan with Malakand.
➢ Lawari Pass located in Dir is 3188m high. It connects Dir with Chitral.
➢ Bolan Pass located in Sulaiman Range is 989 meters high. It connects Quetta with Sindh Plains.
➢ Gomal pass located in Waziristan Hills connects Dera Ismail Khan with Ghazni a Province of Afghanistan.
➢ Babusar pass located in great Himalaya is a link between Mansehra and Northern Areas of Pakistan. It is 4173m high. It also connects Abbotabad with Gilgit.
➢ Khojak passes connects Cheman with Qila Abdullah (Afghanistan). It is 1312m high in Toba Kakar Range.
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➢ Malakand pass connects Peshawar with Chitral.
➢ Baroghil pass connects Chitral with Wahkhan.
➢ Muztagh pass connects Baltistan with China. It is a gateway to Chinese area Yarkand.
➢ The Baroghil pass connects Pakistan with Wahkhan in Afghanistan.
➢ The Dorah and Shera Shing passes also lie between Pakistan and Afghanistan.
➢ Potwar Plateau and the salt ranges are in between the River Indus and River Jehlum.
➢ Margalla Hills of Islamabad are located in the Potwar Plateau. It is on the River Soan.
➢ The Passes Kurram, Tochi and Cromal are named after the rivers near which they are located.
➢ River Swat is a tributary of River Kabul.
➢ Lake Saiful Muluk in the upper Kaghan Valley is located in Himalaya Range.
➢ Satpara Lake near Skardu is located in the Himalaya Mountain Range of Pakistan.
➢ Beautiful Hill station of Pakistan live Ghora Gali, Nathia Gali and Murree are located in Himalaya Mountain Range.
➢ Sakesar 1527 meters high Peak is the highest Peak of Salt Range in Pakistan.
➢ Kallar Kahar, Uchali and Khabeki are the beautiful laves of River Jehlum in Salt Range.
➢ Warsak Dam is built on Kabul River.
➢ The Tanda Dam is the Kohat River, which is a tributary of Kabul River.
➢ The chagai Hills, the northernmost range are located at Pakistan Afghan border they are about 130km long.
➢ Tala Jogian is a highest Peak of Salt Range, it is 975 meters high. It is in between River Jehlum & River Sawan.
➢ The Pakistan total Coastal area is 1046 Kilometers long, the Makran Coast extending from Karachi in the east to Jiwani in the west. Overall the Makran Coast is fairly straight with no marked indentions.
➢ The Makran Coast has a number of uplift terraces which make an Island shape there are Cliften Hills, Manora, Cape Morze, Ormara, Gwadar and Jiwani.The largest Island of Pakistan is Manora.
➢ Sinking is a Chinese Provice with which Pakistani boundry is connected.
➢ Zahidan is area of Iran with which Pakistani boundary is connected.
➢ Ghazni, Kandhar, Paktia and Wakhan are the areas of Afghanistan with which Pakistan shares her border which is commonly called Durand Line. It is 2252 kilometers long.
➢ Thar desert lies in between River Jhelum and River Indus.



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