The Evolution of Tourism In Spain-The Case Study Of Benidorm

The Evolution of Tourism In Spain

Objectives of the case:

  • Analyses the evolution of tourism activities in Benidorm
  • Analyses the past, present and future of Benidorm as the Capital of tourism in Costa Blanca

The Evolution of Tourism: Benidorm:

Discussing the The Evolution of Tourism In Spain, Let me know that Benidorm is one of the most traditional sun and sand tourist destinations of the Mediterranean coast of Spain. In tourism literature, this place is considered one of the best examples for studying the tourism phenomenon in Spain. Benidorm is a town with almost 80,000 inhabitants but 1,748,564 visitors and 10,495,788 overnight stay per year. Benidorm is also known as the place with the highest density of skyscrapers per inhabitant worldwide, and the second one after New York due to its number per square meter. It has the highest hotel in Europe (Hotel Bali).

The best things to do in Benidorm is skydiving, enjoy on the beaches, get relishes with waterfall and many more sports, activities, singing,  dancing, and entertaining activities. this is the best and one of the most attractive places in the world.

Reasons; why did Benidorm become a tourist destination:

Following the reasons why this place got much attraction to the tourist and how this place become so famous for the tourists in a very short interval of time. There are many reasons, but the least have just displayed here as follows:

  • Benidorm has a very mild weather
  • There is a local entrepreneur base, like hotels, restaurants and other places that some individuals have enhanced for tourism boost
  • Loyal, durable and stable business relationships between Benidorm hotels and main countries of emission: United Kingdome, Ne6therlands and Norway
  • A profuse and well-designed complementary offer like theme parks, music, dance and theatre shows etc.
  • Complimentary destinations in the proximity

Benidorm and its history as tourists site:

This is a short representation of chronological events of the Benidorm and its history as a tourist place, it is given as follows:

A Beautiful picture of Benidorm beach

A Beautiful picture of Benidorm beach

  • 2000: Opening of Terra Mítica amusement park
  • 2000: Opening of Aqua Natura and Terra Natura amusement park
  • From 2005, Benidorm covers the niche market of luxurious hotels with 1024 hotel rooms in 5 stars hotels
  • Part of the hotel room offer has been upgraded or renovated.
  • British tourists are the first market, followed by Dutch tourists. In the last years, Russian and Polish tourism has significantly grown
  • Many ex-tourists from Western Europe became residents in the surroundings of Benidorm

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