AIDA analysis of TCS advertisement (Lal Rang) Red colour

AIDA analysis model

AIDA analysis is an approach normally used by the marketers to analyses the progress and the campaign which they have started are about to start for any product or services. It’s actually a mixture of four different factors which are as follows:

  1. Attention
  2. Interest
  3. Desire
  4. Action

Marketers analysis anything by Rhetoric Analysis, or AIDA approach knowing either the approach is intended to seek the attention of the audiences, either it is interesting to watch OR read, how it creates desire and the approach that it actually provides which help audiences to take immediate action. Here the AIDA analysis in the shape of the model is defined with an example of the TCS advertisement (particularly laal rang advertisement which was also very famous of its time) which actually fulfil all possible four requirements of the AIDA model and this example will also help to clear the concept of the AIDA Analysis.

  1. Attention: The ad has shown Red color in visual and in sound as well that show this Ad is for TCS and setting up the customer’s eyeballs towards the ad by showing local culture in the ad.
  2. Interest: The ad is made to produce some interest for the viewer by showing different aspects of the local culture and adding local classical music with good vocals and poetry.
  3. Desire: It is every individual’s desire to have a parcel to their loved ones in time with effectively and their presence may not matter, So here in the ad TCS promises that they will have our job done in time as they promise. It is online and has a huge warehouse, a multinational brand that a customer can trust so easily that their desires will be fulfilled.
  4. Action Call: At the end of the ad there is contact number 111123456 is given so that customers could instantly react if they want to send something or if they wanted to have business with TCS together.

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