Delhi Protest | What do Indian Farmers want from Modi Government?

Modi Government Indian farmers protest in Delhi India

Delhi, India (Gofrixty News Desk / International News | 30th January 2021) | Delhi, the capital of India, is once again filled with the protesters against controversial agriculture laws made by Modi Government (BJP). The city is in chaos, killed at least one protester and over 350 police officers got injured so far.

The thousands of farmers took to the streets of Delhi, driving tractors, and called to revoke the controversial new agriculture laws.

They were peacefully protesting outside the New Delhi since November 2020 but took to the streets on Republic Day of India, 26th Jan. 2021. They faced a clash with the police, destroying the barricades and marched into the Red Fort (Lal Qila), a 400-year-old historical landmark of sub-continent.

The protesters returned to the camps on Wednesday and cancelled the plan of marching towards Indian Parliament house that was planned for Monday.

Many of the farmers are from the Sikh religious minority in India, come from the states of Haryana and Punjab. Others joined in solidarity with them.

They are protesting since November, sitting outside the New Delhi and protesting against the Modi government to repeal the laws, else they will enter the city. The protest has shown the bitter reality of inequality across India.

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The agriculture sector that accounts for only 15% of India’s economic output, is the livelihood for 60 percent of the 1.3 billion population. Farmer’s suicide ratio has increased in the past few years due to bankruptcies and debts. The coronavirus pandemic has just sparked the situation and increased the dependence on agriculture.

What do Farmers want?

Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi (who is also a lifetime member of racist and banned organization RSS) planned to reshape the farming in India without knowing the concerns of farmers. But he is now facing the challenge from the farmers. The farmers fear that new agriculture laws that will “minimize the role of government in agriculture and providing space for the private investors” will increase their insecurity and greedy corporations can only benefit out of this law, not the farmers.


The farmers, however, emphasize the fact that they are struggling even with the already existing protection. The new laws will leave them unprotected and with the weakened economy, they have a low chance of an alternate livelihood.

The Violence & Modi Government

Thousands of farmers, coming into the New Delhi hoping to peacefully protest on the holiday when the Prime Minister will oversee the military parade.

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The farmers used tractors to break the police barricades. They were also carrying swords, battle axes, and sharp daggers – ceremonial weapons.

Police used tear gas and were carrying assault rifles. The police beat the protesters with their batons. The footage of the violence showed the police beating the protesters and they in return used stones and sticks to beat the security personnel.

The farmers claim that the government started violence to derail the months-long peaceful protest. The farmers waved flags and stormed into the Red Fort, the historical residence of the Mughal Emperor.

The protesters in the footage, shown placing the dead body of one of the protesters, claim that he was shot by the police. Whereas, police says that he died when the tractor overturned.

The Modi government has suspended the internet services in the areas where farmers are protesting, confirmed by a home ministry official. The government aims to stop footages and live updates coming on to the social media, as Modi government can control electronic media but not social media.

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