Mini flour mill in Pakistan (Chakki) | Based on Solar Energy

mini flour mill in Pakistan aata chakki feasibility report

If you’re an entrepreneur and looking for a profitable and feasible business idea, then I must say that you’re reading the right post. This is a complete feasibility report about installing a mini flour mill in Pakistan (or Aata Chakki on Solar, or Solar Chakki), based on the solar energy power plant, equipped with capacity of processing at least 4 tons (100 mon) in a day.

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This article will answer the following questions:

  • How to install a mini flour mill based on the solar power plant in Pakistan?
  • What is a fixed cost? What machinery would be required for installing a mini flour mill?
  • What are the operational expenses? Labor and maintenance cost?
  • What would be the exact daily production capacity?
  • How much minimum possible profit can we get from the mini flour mill or atta Chakki?

To install a mini flour mill, there would be a need of 20 by 20 feet space. Now it depends on the entrepreneurs and investors that either they are going to rent out space or they go for their construction. It could be a shop or two, that will also work-out.

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Where to install the mini flour Mill in Pakistan

Now, the question arises that where to install it? It’s that you’re installing in a little village, town, or in your city. In all three places, you will enjoy an almost equal profit wherever you’re going to install it. But, the investment will vary. If someone is interesting installing it in their village or town, they would not need to purchase the bulk stock of wheat. Because people usually stock their annually demanded wheat on their own. So, whenever they needed to get it into a flour, they bring their wheat for getting it converted into flour in their nearer mini flour mills (Chakki). Thus, an investor will not need purchasing to stock wheat at the time of its cultivation. Though installing it in the cities will cost the first procurement of the wheat’s bulk stock and that will also add a bit additional cost in the shape of inventory management’s fixed and operational activities as well.

The mini flour mill in Pakistan that our team visited and interviewed its owner is located in KolabJial, it’s a little village in Khairpur District, Sindh. The owner has constructed the mini flour mill on his land along with an office and two shops to stock their cultivated wheat to sell it after processing it to flour. The cost for the total construction was approximately Rs. 1.5 million.

Fixed Cost for Mini flour mill (Chakki)

Now, the next question is about a fixed cost and the machinery which is required for installing a mini flour mill in Pakistan. See the Table given as follows for required machinery and its cost.


Price in PKR

Chakki (Complete set; along with two rocks inside it)


Chanina (1 with latest model. Must use made in Pakistan only) because that Chanina has a good average. 


Solar Plates (36 plates of 300 watts)


Power Inverter (complete Set wiring and breakers)




Shafart (An irony big straight rod which connects machines with the pullies connected with Shafart)


Pully (total 3 pullies) One which connects shafart with the motor, the other that connects shafart to Chakki and third pully to connect shafart with channa.


Belts (to connect pullies and machines)


Weight measurement machine (Digital recommended)




So, all these machines are mandatory as part of the fixed investment for the mini flour mill plant in Pakistan. further, with the help of above machinery and their estimated rates, you can only install a single flour machine which will only produce 1 to 1.5 ton of wheat into flour a day. But, if you add one extra Chakki and additional 36 300watt solar plates, that will produce up to 3 tons of flour in a day (that is an additional investment of approximately Rs. 500,000). Similarly, you can increase the number of flour machines as per the demand you receive on daily bases.

The person whom we interviewed has already installed two flour machines. And he has been running both machines together and producing around 2.5 to 3 ton (50 to 65 mons) daily. People residing in KolabJial bring their wheat to them and they just charge Rs.100 per 1 Mon of processing and producing the flour. That also includes the charges for processing the wheat through Chanina as well. While looking at the average capacity they produce, which is 60 Mons, it is much clear that they are earning Rs. 6000 daily. According to the owner, they incur daily average operational cost along with labor wages and their mess of Rs. 3000. So, they are freely earning Rs.3000 daily that makes monthly earning of Rs.90,000. So, their investment of Rs. 2.5 million is providing an opportunity for at least three people a job and a profit of Rs. 90,000 every month. Which is quite healthy, attractive, and much satisfying.   

Now, The owner is looking for an expansion. And he is looking to add a third flour machine (Chakki) in the plant as well. Because of the daily demand and market unsaturation in the town. So, if you think you also have a demand and market unsaturation in your town about mini flour mill, you can start this project in your town and can enjoy the reasonable profit.

If you have any question, please feel free to ask in the comments section. We will be so happy in properly providing better guidance and assistance to you.

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  3. […] Mini flour mill in Pakistan (Chakki) | Based on Solar Energy […]

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