Biofloc fish farming in Pakistan with Biofloc Technology (BFT)

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With the rapid and dynamic change in the human population, the food industry has also started expanding its boundaries with the help of research and technology. Aquaculture technology is also the part of this expanded efforts of scholars and scientists. The expansion in the field is much essential and considered as a core need of time. This help to reduce the use of natural resources like water and land and also help to preserve nature. Discussing Biofloc fish farming in Pakistan, BFT comes first. Biofloc Technology (BFT) is a technique to improve the water quality in aquaculture through balancing the amount of Carbon (C) and Nitrogen (N) which help in producing proteinaceous feed in the water. This proteinaceous feed becomes an autogenerated best feed for the fish species and helps them to grow faster.

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Biofloc fish farming is one of the successful and most profitable businesses in Pakistan. With it, Pakistan not only fulfils its personal requirements of the consumption of fish species but also able to fulfil the orders from beyond the borders. The conventual fish farming is quite expensive and unproductive in contrast to the Biofloc fish farming with the help of Biofloc technology (BFT). Now it needs to understand how Biofloc Technology actually works? And is Biofloc fish farming a really successful business in Pakistan?

In this article these questions will mainly be addressed:

  1. What is Biofloc Technology (BFT)? And how it Works?
  2. Is Biofloc fish farming a really successful business in Pakistan?
  3. What is the feasibility of Biofloc fish farming in Pakistan?

These questions are addressed in detail as follows:

What is Biofloc Technology (BFT)? And how it Works?

Biofloc Technology (BFT) is an environment-friendly technique used for the production of situ microorganisms. These microorganisms are produced as a hygienic food for the fish species. Because of this technique, fish farming requires zero or minimum exchange of water. Because of this technique helps in balancing the level of Nitrogen and Carbon in the water which are really essential for the production of microorganisms and bacteria’s sot that to feed the fish species (as natural feed) and save cost on feeding them with artificially produced feed.


Is Biofloc fish farming a really successful business in Pakistan?

This is really important to know Biofloc fish farming success factor in Pakistan. Pakistan is one of under developing countries. The country is equipped with comparatively fewer expertise resources. So, individual and the SMEs struggle and work at their own to build the related expertise by exercising consistently and learn this expertise on their own. So, people here in Pakistan are capable enough to gather the necessary information from valid sources, and have already executed and have started working on Biofloc fish farming using Biofloc Technology. 10 different cases have been gone through regarding the people and SMEs who have stated or have shifted from conventional farming to Biofloc fish farming. 10 out of 10 have confirmed that they are quite successful and satisfied with the right and in time decision of stating Biofloc fish farming in Pakistan. This made it 100% success rate which is quite significant to be considered.

What is the feasibility of Biofloc fish farming in Pakistan?

Biofloc fish farming requires few Biofloc Technology tools and a water tank which need to be at least 12 by 12 feet. The total cost for 500 fish species is given as follows:

The Fixed Cost:

  • A 13 by 13 feet tank may cost in the range of Rs. 30,000 to 40,000
  • A motor connected with 2 solar plates which can induct air in the water tank as an essential part of Biofloc technology BFT will cost Rs. 30,000
  • BFT equipment and water quality testing kit will cost Rs 10,000.  

The rest is the operational cost and it varies depending on where you stating this project. Like if an individual is starting it in his/her home, this operational cost will be just insignificant in comparison to taking it out of the home. One tank of 13 by 13 feet is enough to make your project commercialized. 

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29 Thoughts to “Biofloc fish farming in Pakistan with Biofloc Technology (BFT)”

  1. Sania

    biofloc technology is more profitable than conventional fish farming. A nice and informative post. Thanks.

    1. shafat hussain

      it is more profitable than conventual farming only in case of proper management with time with expertise and technical knowledge. as I have information of local and national biofloc farmers

      1. shafat hussain

        I have not listen from a single farmer who is getting profit from this type of aquaculture. reason is only lack of expertise and proper management. I advice all of readers if you have planned to start this just do this on trail basis. try to avoid more expectations to be rich in short time

      2. sajid Kazmi


        can you share contact numbers of persons using BF technology in Karachi.
        my contact number is 03002626130

      3. Tariq Malik

        We are interest to start a biofloc project. If you have any contacts who can help either on the set-up and also on the operation (incl buying and selling of fish) that would be very helpful. We are based off Barki Road Lahore and contact number is +923214000000

    2. Iftikhar Hussain

      I need to know more detail about biofloc fish farming in Karachi


    My name is nAhmad Mukhtar
    I am from a small city Pindi Bhattian
    in want to know are you have any contact number of any biofloc fish farmer
    if you have please send me in a mail…….

    1. GoFrixty

      I know a few individuals and also state-owned departments who can help you.
      📌 Ehtisham, has his own Biofloc fish farm in Hafizabad:
      📌 National Agricultural Research Centre Park Road, Islamabad: PARC Exchange # 051-90762000, NARC Exchange # 051-90733000.
      📌 Here are some current employees and their contact details from National Agriculture Research Centre:
      📌 Mr. Abdur Rehman Niazi APS to Dy. Secretary (C) | 0331-5266217
      📌 Mr Roshan Zada Director (Technical) | 0333-5155264 |
      📌 Mr Muhammad Nadeem Supdt. | 0334-5271601

      Hope this will help you. 🙂

      1. Khalud Memon

        Ehtisham, he has his own Biofloc fish farm in Hafizabad:
        the following cell number and email belong to Khalid Memon of Aquaculture Technologies having no connection to Ehtisham sb. Khalid Memon is retired now.
        92 347 8348903|

        1. Sanaullah

          Thanks for your feedback.

  3. Ali Raza

    what is the best way to start biofloc system?

    I want to jump in this field but first, I want to do this on a small scale for testing purposes. kindly guide me in this regard that what should i do first and how to do.


  4. Yahya

    AOA. I am very much interested to get in to BioFloc Fish Farming. I have seen lots of videos on youtube regarding biofloc. But before I start I want to take some training and want to see the any running Biofloc farm. Do you know any farm in or near Karachi as i am resident of Karachi.

    1. Sheikh Omer

      AOA I am also interested to start this business on smaller scale from my home and also searching for training we can coordinate to each other if you find or i will find some to info

  5. Mubashir

    Is there any biofloc system being run in raahimyarkan, bahawalpur multan areas..?

  6. Riaz Ahmed Khan

    Intrested to keep biofloc tank of 13 x 13. Pls let me know depth of the tank

  7. Riaz Ahmed Khan

    My contact on is 0334-3468030

  8. Hamid

    This is not specify the price of brooder or seed and feed. What species is suitable for this farming.How long will it take time to a single carp.

  9. Muhammad Zain ul abdeen

    I need to know more about fish farming in rawalpindi please contact no??

  10. M asad ullah

    Aoa i am interested in biofloc fish farming i need complete guidenence

  11. Hira

    Biofloc fish farming is now a days getting much attention. And this has become a today’s need as food industry is getting squeezer day by day

  12. Yousaf jamal

    1.2 TO 1.4 METER

  13. Aurang Zeb Awan

    This is the Setup Cost for one tank but there is no details mention about what kind of species we can grow for maximum utilization or maximum benefits

  14. sajid Kazmi

    i am interested to be in this field and required all possible technical details in this regard.
    i will be starting this in Karachi if any body know any BF farm in Karachi please share the location and contact details. my contact number is 0300-2626130


  15. We Love Google

    It’s actually a great post. I am sure that anyone would like to visit it again and again. After reading this post I got some very unique information which is in actuality very helpful for anyone. This is a post experiencing some crucial information. I wish that in future such posting should go on.

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