Lakers trade rumors | Trade for Beal, Love, or Tristan Thompson?

Lakers trade rumors NBA 2021 Leberon AD Love Beal Thompson

NBA Trade, USA (Gofrixty News Desk / Sports News | 29th January 2021) | Lakers trade rumors have been running since long, but they are even heated more since James Harden’s trade the Nets. Los Angles Lakers had contacted Washington Wizard’s veteran Bradley Beal late in 2018 even before they added traded a bunch of their young guys for Anthony Davis last season.

But things have now once again heated after an unexpected trade of James Harden joining Irving and KD in the Net’s roster. So, Lakers are also looking to build the best trio combination to challenge this season as well.

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Currently, Lakers stands at third in the western conference after they lost from one of the current underdogs’ teams of NBA ‘Pistons’. As they were without AD and they didn’t defended well. But, yet they are hard to be challenged even at this stage with LeBron and AD’s combination defend a well supportive and dominant role of Kuzma, KCP, Dennis Schroder, Marc Gasol, Alex Caruso, and the touches of Wesley Mathews.

But, Lakers trade rumors says that LeBron-AD centred Lakers is in a search of the all-star trio. So, they may likely add Bradley Beal (Washington Wizard), Tristan Thompson (Boston Celtics), or Kevin Love (Cleveland Cavaliers).

Lakers already having a touch of Marc Gasol, the only Center, if AD and LeBron go to the wings. So, there are chances, they might go for Tristan Thompson and Kevin Love (both have played alongside LeBron James in Cleveland Cavaliers). And they both were very effective in playing with King James. Whereas, a positive form of Dennis Schroder and Alex Caruso as point guards, it’s likely tough to say Lakers will go for Bradley Beal, who usually plays at the small forward.

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So, it’s likely that Lakers trade rumors about Kevin Love or Tristan Thompson might go with possibly offering KCP and Kyle Kuzma. But, they both for one player would be very costly for the Lakers, so they might also add some x-factor or twist with this trade. Which can only be available at its own time. So, right now at the moment, Lakers trade rumors are yet just rumors. Which will surely be on screen very soon.

So, what you think which combination must suit LeBron-AD centred Lakers? and why? Please let us know your opinion in the comment section.

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