Taliban group claimed to kill 7 Afghan Intelligence officials in a bomb blast

Taliban group NEWS Picture showing Three Taliban persons

One of the Taliban armed groups has claimed a car bombing which involved the killing of at least 7 Afghan intelligence personnel and 40 others were severely injured. The incident occurred in Ghazni city, Afghanistan.

Wahidullah Jumazada, a spokesman for the governor, said “The terrorists have used a humvee in their attack. They have targeted the National Directorate of Security unit in Ghazni city

Wahidullah further added that the incident caused most of the casualties who actually belongs to the Afghan Intelligence officials. The incident has also been confirmed by the health official in Ghazni city and the Interior Minister in Kabul as well. Zabihullah Mujahid, a Taliban spokesperson, has also claimed and accepted that the armed group was behind the attack in Ghazni. The city in the past has seen many large-scale attacks on both Afghan and US forces.

Taliban group has full control and power over Ghazni city. Which is also a provincial capital of Afghanistan. Any official activity by Afghan forces, NATO, or any other influencers is tracked and being watched by the Taliban group. This incident of the car bomb blast which killed at least 7 Afghan Intelligence officials and wounded 40 others happened just a day after the Afghan President Ashraf Ghani and his political rival, Abdullah Abdullah, signed a power-sharing agreement. Both Ashraf Ghani and Abdullah Abdullah had declared themselves the winner of last September’s presidential election.

The analysts and journalist believe that from the attack, it seems that certain Taliban groups are not happy with the power-sharing deal of Ghani and Abdullah. But, it was really significant for the country that both Ghani and Abdullah must sign a deal and end rivalry by any means. Because this might have caused a $1 Billion assistance to the country from the Trump administration for the development of the country. Because Trump administration had announced it would cut $1bn in assistance to Afghanistan if the two leaders did not work out their differences

Pakistan led by Prime Minister Imran Khan has played a significant role in the peace process between the Taliban and US. Who signed a peace agreement on 29 February 2020, calls for American and NATO troops to leave Afghanistan. It was seen at the time as Afghanistan’s best chance at peace, following decades of war.

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