7 Soldiers have martyred today in two separate attacks in Balochistan

7 Soldiers have martyred today in two separate attacks in Balochistan map

Balochistan, Pakistan | 7 soldiers have martyred today in two separate attacks today (Monday) in Balochistan.  Six soldiers were attacked, and their vehicle was targeted by a roadside near one of the Beautiful visiting places of Balochistan, Pir Ghaib. Pir Ghaib is located 55 KM southeast of the Quetta (Provincial city of Balochistan), and it’s very famous as tourists attraction point having a natural waterfall.

The second incident occurred in Mand Area, located along the border of Iran. Where one soldier has reported being martyred. According to the reports, a soldier was killed in an exchange of fire with the terrorists. So, total there have been 7 soldiers martyred today (Monday) in Balochistan.

Yet, no militant group has claimed the responsibility for the attacks. But, the tensions have increased rapidly these weeks amid a resurgence of Baloch ethnic separatists violence. As 6 soldiers along a major ranked officer were also killed last week in Balochistan and the attack was claimed by the Baloch Liberation Army (BLA), an armed group who claim the independence of the Balochistan province from the country.

Balochistan is the largest by area and least populous province of Pakistan. It’s rich with mineral resources including oil, natural gas, coal, gold, silver, and other precious minerals. Reko Dik Gold and silver mine is the world’s 5th largest located in Balochistan. Instead of all these, the districts of Balochistan appears at the bottom of socio-economic indicator rankings in the country. So, residents keep complaining that they are not receiving a fair share of their province’s extracted mineral and petrochemical wealth.

Similarly, financial experts believe that its hard to invest in any mega project in the least populous province, because they believe that these projects will have a huge maintenance cost. But, the gears have changed now. The $60bn China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) projects have brought renewed attention to the province. As there has been big progress in Gwadar, where a major deep-water port in the town is the culminated as trade route being established to link China and the Middle East with the Arabian Sea through the length of Pakistan.

But, the Baloch separatists and BLA have termed the CPEC projects “imperialism” and since they frequently have targeted Chinese engineers, teams, and even the local people who are associated with them. In response, thousands of Pakistani military and paramilitary personnel are deputed to protect CPEC infrastructure projects. So that to protect the feature of these mega projects happening after a long time for the development of the country as well as Balochistan province under CPEC agreements.

So, the external forces are found busy in failing the CPEC, and state in response creating resistance and strike back to protect it and make it successful. But, in between, the local residents of the province and Pakistan military and paramilitary personnel are in the list of major costs bearers. As the province observes killings and blasts almost every other day at a very rapid and frequent pace.

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