Kim Jong Un | Supreme Leader of North Korea | is dead?

Supreme Leader of North Korea, Kim Jong Un,

Supreme Leader of North Korea, Kim Jong Un, is rumoured to be dead on Saturday night, in accordance with the Hong Kong broadcast network. On the other hand, Japanese magazine is reporting that he is currently is in ‘Vegetative State (awake but showing no signs of awareness.)’

Shijian Xingzou, vice director of Hong Kong Satellite Television, confirmed that she had been told by a very solid source about the death of Kim Jong Un, 36. She is also the niece of Chinese foreign minister with the following of millions of the People in China.

Kim Jong Un chaired a meeting of the ruling Workers’ Party committee of policymakers, which was his most recent public appearance-two weeks ago-reported by North Korean state media.

A team of Chinese doctors reached North Korea, allegedly to look after Kim’s health, but no official reports about the purpose of a Chinese doctor’s visit are yet confirmed.

This news could have been true by keeping in view the report of Kim’s father’s death which came two days later. 

Whereas, media sources(38North) also reported that, a dictator’s 250-meter long private train can be seen at the outside station in his Wonsan holiday compound, at least since 21st April 2020. This may show that Kim is staying inside the luxury compound, but could not confirm anything about his health.

Kim once has been seen walking by using a cane and with the limb in 2014 right after he reported to be suffering from some kind of a medical condition which wasn’t mentioned exactly in the report.

However, no official North Korean sources confirmed the news, so rumours about his death can not surely be true. 

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