Occupied Jammu and Kashmir – Empathy on current happening

Occupied Jammu and Kashmir, A child is praying Dua

58 days have been passed to the curfew in the Indian Occupied Jammu and Kashmir. Since that Kashmir valley is bleeding and  Kashmir is slaughtering by the cruel hands of RSS and Modi Sarkar. Innocent people of Occupied Jammu and Kashmir are waiting & longing for a miracle to happen. Because they know that no one will be going to help and stand with them. Because doing this is ultimately standing against one of the world’s big markets, India.

The people of Occupied Jammu and Kashmir, and Muslims (true believers of ALLAH Almighty) are praying to ALLAH to help them in their difficult time. Oh, the master of the universe! Destroy the guilt intention of cruelty, indeed, you are the companion of innocents in the times of sorrow. Nothing happens without you. Oh, the lord! The non-believers are dominating over Muslims. Oh! the king of kings, therefore, differ and break them into strands pieces & remove rules of tyrant over Muslim brothers and sisters.

A world where people are divided into a different caste, creed and ethnicity. Let people the courage to love, respect and multiply happiness with each other. Indeed, oh God, there is a virtuous purpose behind creating human as a superior creation over others. Nothing happens without you. A man is known as the vicegerent of God,

So, oh Lord of the universe! Endow the tender heart and kind temper to every human as they wrap their hands over shoulders with love and laughter. Nothing happens without you. Lord! Bestow blessing to every human as they unite and convey the message of Islam and Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) to every corner of this mortal world.

For and so far, chunk all the cruel hands of non-believers, who are constantly making guilty plans for torturing and dictating to the people of Occupied Jammu and Kashmir, and Palestine Muslims. How the innocent and humble of Occupied Jammu and Kashmir and Palestine people, they only bow down their heads and dripping down tears in front of you. Blow the winds of peace, tranquillity and blessing only for them.

Oh lord! Pakistan is trembling at the verge of bankruptcy, make Pakistan prosperous and fertile country as it can go hand in hand with the modern technology of the world. Wash away all the sadness of youth of Pakistan and make their joy as deep as an ocean. May blessing be upon to all the nation. May mutual dreams of every young individual morphed into solid reality.


Young boys are the bright future of nation and girls are the ornament of the nation. Without each of them, no one is complete, so lit the lamp of self-conscious in their deep down hearts as they never satire for gender discrimination. No white-honoured, white skin is superior to black-honoured, all are equal in the eyes of Almighty Allah.

Make brave them as they never transgress all rotten and bleak arrogant of superiority. All the people in the world are children of Adam, and no one has superiority over others. Thus, the people of Occupied Jammu and Kashmir are all equal, and no one has the right to snatch their basic right which was bestowed to them by the Lord of the lords.

Its 58th day of seizing in the Occupied Jammu and Kashmir Valley. The local citizens are harassed, rapped, and been killed by the people who enforce them to lower the voices down against their cruelty. Which is inhuman according to the teachings of Qur’an and Sunnah.

Martin Luther King Jr. said and I quote, Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.

So, to stop injustice in Occupied Jammu and Kashmir, the world community and humanitarians will need to take immediate and effective action against the cruelty of Modi Sarkar and RSS in Occupied Jammu and Kashmir. If they didn’t stop it today, will result in a threat to justice everywhere in the world.

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    Great Effort which shows the Indian Bad Governance

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