Emotional Intelligence (EI) at the workplace

Emotional Intelligence at workplace

Introduction of Emotional Intelligence

Emotional Intelligence (EI) refers to the process of perceiving, using, understanding and managing the emotions of others, with a person interacts. EI is an essential part of humans’ life. Being a social animal man is all-time in interaction with other people. So in order to make social gathering worthy, it is imperative that one has complete grasp over his emotions.

Taking into account the dire importance of the training some great tips/ steps will be elaborated, which will enable the trainees to get a complete insight into regulating their emotions. It is hoped that after completion of the training, the trainees will be capable enough to regulate their emotion effectively in diverse social gatherings.

Background of EI

The terms emotional intelligence in the 18th century, when social scientist started researching on combine behaviours and emotions of people. Since then it has got tremendous importance, as at every sort of gathering whether that is a large level or small level, one needs to manage his/her emotions. It is being more prominent with every passing day, due to the fact that some due to globalization cultures and societies are being more diversified, thus making it ultimate necessary to understand each other social and cultural dynamics.

EI (Emotional Intelligence) and IQ

We all know a person who is most brilliant but doesn’t seem to have good relations with others and not socially popular. A student who always gets high marks in class but is not friend with anyone and he is just a book worm. This shows that going ahead in our lives only intelligence is not enough for success. People with a high level of EI are more successful in daily life they know about their emotions and the emotions of the people around them know how to respond to other people with positive energy and emotion. They can regulate their emotions. These people don’t let their emotions to rule over their lives. IQ is a natural gift by God this can’t be regulated by the practice. But EI can be improved with the training and practice.

Emotional Intelligence and IQ diagram

Above figure shows the two important things about the Emotional Intelligence that it may influence the success of a person more than the Intelligence and it can be improved with the practice.


Following is the figure of the Summerville study. The study was done on the 450 boys who grew up in Summerville Massachusetts. Study duration was 40 years, in the end, they came to know that the IQ of the boys had a little relationship on their success in life.

Research results on EI and IQ

Scope of EI

Wherever it is human, there are emotions, and the person is required to get control over his/ her emotions. The scope of our training is broads, as it whenever wherever bases.

Before going to emotional intelligence what we need to understand is Brain. Because all the emotions in the human body have a physical basis in the brain. At one point or another everyone faces a situation in which they felt totally out of control of their emotions. When an external stimulus is received through our senses a signal is sent to the thalamus and translated into the language of the brain. Most of the brain signals are sent to the rational side but if the signal involves emotions signals are sent to the emotional side of the brain before even the rational side determine the signal. The relationship between the emotional and rational side of the brain is very important for decision making. One lawyer had a brain tumor this was in the area between rational and emotional brain. Although the surgery was successful intelligence level of the person was same as it was before surgery but at the later stage in his life person was not able to make decisions correctly in his life because the connection between the emotional and rational side of the brain was damaged during surgery. So with the rational emotional side of the brain is also very important for a person to make good relations and to take decisions in his life.

Now comes to the emotional training process this involves changing your mind in a way to fist understand and label your own emotions than the emotions of the people around you then managing your emotions in a way to create good relations with others at workplace


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