Pakistani Showbiz Stars and Politicians tested positive for COVID-19.

Pakistani Showbiz stars and Politicians infected by COVID-19

In 24 hours, 6,397 cases have been reported across the country, bringing the total number of affected people to 125,933 including Pakistani showbiz stars and politicians. Another 107 people have been died by COVID-19. PMLN President Shahbaz Sharif tested positive for COVID-19 and other Sixteen politicians, including railway Minister Sheikh Rashid, former Prime Minister Shahid Khaqan Abbasi, Minister Shehryar Afridi, Maryam Aurangzeb, and Tariq Fazl, have been affected and tested positive for COVID-19.

Former provincial Minister of Balochistan Sardar Dur Mohammad Nasir died due to COVID-19. All the ministers and their families are suffering from this epidemic and the total number of deaths by COVID-19 has reached 2,463.

Prime minister Imran Khan has said that:

Our struggle is that COVID-19 spreads in the country not faster but slowly. In July and August, Corona will rise in the country. The people are not careful, the situation in the country will be very bad. Caution will be used to avoid the catastrophe that people in other rich countries do not take the virus seriously so their situation became worst day by day. People of Pakistan are not taking this COVID seriously which means they are pushing the country towards disaster. Lockdown can’t stop the epidemic, but it can slow it down. No country can tolerate such a long lockdown. People are risking their lives by not following SOPs.

And after that the action of the Supreme Court has come to light:

COVID-19 cases have increased to more than one lakh. There is no time yet when the national institutions can work, then why the parliament is not working? Supreme Court withdrew the market opening order on Saturday and Sunday and ordered the federation to legislate. Supreme Court starts work on auditing NDMEG. Supreme Court further notified that why the government has not yet enacted legislation regarding COVID-19, people’s lives are in danger and it is not known how much more COVID-19 will increase.

Showbiz actors tested positive:

In the Pakistani film industry, COVID-19 also made his mark, in which Actor Vaseh Chaudry and comedian Shafaat Ali also tested positive. And host Vaseh Chaudhry and Shafaat Ali posted on Twitter when their COVID test came positive.

Vaseh Chaudhry said in his twitter account that,

I want to tell my fans that I have taken the COVID-19 test which is positive and I have taken quarantine and I have suggested to my friends and fans that they should also take their test, and in case of the positive test, they should put themselves in quarantine.

And also Shafaat Ali expressed in his twitter account that,

I always hoped to be positive in life and my test came positive. And I hope a lot of prayers from the fans.

Aside from Pakistani showbiz stars, Shahid Afridi, a sports star of Pakistan also tested positive with COVID-19. He asked for prayers and quarantined himself.

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