Ertugrul Ghazi took over the Hollywood and Bollywood in Pakistan

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One of the best seasons Ertugrul Ghazi has gained a top position in the international ratings on youtube, and also this season has a very strong fan following in Pakistan. Ertugrul Ghazi has earned early success in Pakistan through its best story and action. This season has received a great appreciation from the people in Pakistan and as well as in India.

Muslims of India and Pakistan are especially inspired by the Ertugrul Ghazi because of the history of Turk Muslims and their journey towards the foundations of the Ottoman Empire. Numerous actors and actresses from Bollywood and Hollywood praised the series. Ertugrul Ghazi has topped the charts in Pakistan and surpassed the ratings of drama serial Mere Pass Tum Ho.

Ertugrul Ghazi is comprised of 5 seasons and one season has approximately more than 70 episodes. Every season is even better than the previous one, has series is full of unexpected turns and events. The main leading actors of the season thanked Pakistani fans for their devotion and appreciation for the season and they desired to visit Pakistan to meet the fans after the pandemic situation. The cast of the season is emotionally attached to Pakistan and its people after they received love and respect from the viewers.

When the PIA plane crashed in Karachi the cast expressed their condolences and prayed for the martyrs and their families. The Ertugrul in the series named Engin Altan Duzyatan shared the video of Eid greetings on social media for Pakistani fans. So, the cast of the series is also bestowing their love and respect in return to Pakistani fans, which is the best thing being a star.


The episodes are now aired on every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. PTV announced earlier that Ertugrul will be aired seven days a week – they are trying their best to speed up the dubbing work and run an episode daily – all the seasons of Ertugrul Ghazi will be aired as soon as possible. The long-ruined institution by the political interference will soon be converted to HD to enhance the viewers’ experience.

Many fans were eagerly waiting for the dubbed seasons to be broadcasted on PTV and they wished to watch an episode daily. People are tweeting for the season and trying to express that hopefully, the powerful anchors who conduct a political show at 8 o’clock slot have no role in this decision. The Ertugrul drama has affected their ratings the most.

One of the Minister expressed his thoughts with PTV:

You have to keep in mind that the various people locally and internationally in the liberal class and the entertainment industry are angry with us for broadcasting the series which is full of Islamic culture and values. They will use various tactics to stop this season. Please show this series daily.

People of different ethnicities are trying to demolish the season by conspiring against it, they are afraid that this drama is very productive and through this season Turkey is circulating Islam all over the world.

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