“Diriliş: Ertuğrul”, motives behind The Famous TV Series on Islamic History

In the 13th century, there were small tribes under the command of Sultan Alladin of Rum.  The kayi tribe was the biggest and famous for its brave fighters. Ertuğrul Ghazi was the heroic champion fighter for the cause of Islam. He was the father of Osman – the founder of the Ottoman Empire. He was the son of Suleman Shah and the leader of the Kayi tribe of Turks. He traveled from eastern Iran to Anatolia to escape the Mongols, who were very powerful at that time under the command of Ghengis Khan and his son Ogeday. Ertuğrul, with his bravery and having trust in Allah, set off the chain of events that lead to the foundation of the Ottoman Empire.

Diriliş: Ertuğrul is a Turkish TV series, which aired in 2014. Its main aim was to let the society move out of the imaginary world and start thinking about the real problems that Muslims are facing right now, due to the lack of unity. The series promotes the unity of the Islamic world. It shows how Muslims can rule the world by being united, and the target of the enemy was always to make Muslims fight with each other. They knew that the power of Muslims’ faith can never be defeated by the enemies of Islam but by the people within Islam. This series has another aspect of Muslims belief that “if you are on the right path, don’t be afraid of death.”


Watching this reminded people-the Allama Muhammad Iqbal-who dreamed of Pakistan and his words inspired the Muslims because of which they gave their lives for independence.

To learn something out of this fact-based series, watch and learn how the Muslims fought and ruled for more than 600 years. Ottomans ruled over three continents, including parts of Central Europe, parts of Eastern Europe, Southeast Europe, and the Caucasus. And this all started with the dream and courage of  Ertuğrul Ghazi.

Diriliş: Ertuğrul promotes Islamic values and virtues, like tolerance, respecting elders, and helping the oppressed. It shows the unity of Muslims, honoring promises, leading a state with humanity, and strive for justice.

Diriliş: Ertuğrul is the depiction of ‘how Muslims laid down the foundation of the great empire.’


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