Pakistan Ulema Council is in the favor of building a Temple in Islamabad

Building a temple in Islamabad

For some time now the issue of building a temple in Islamabad, Pakistan has sparked a debate not only on social media but also on international media. The question is, whether a temple should be built in Islamabad or not? This question has troubled many Muslims and Hindus. As many people are supporting the construction of the temple in Islamabad while some local and religious people are opposing it.

Prime Minister Imran Khan, in support of building a temple, has said that

we will build a temple and will give rights to our minority people.

While in Islamabad, some people went to the site of the temple and damaged the temple’s construction materials and also vandalized a small amount of construction work, the videos of which went viral on social media. Minorities felt helpless and felt that they are in big trouble.

The Pakistan Ulema Council (PUC) has also endorsed the construction of the temple. The PUC Chairman said that Pakistan’s constitution gives equal rights to both Muslims and Hindus, and the Chairman also criticized those who have raised the issue and wanted to lead the matter into the controversy. Furthermore, the PUC Chairman Muhammad Tahir Mehmood Ashrafi said that we denounce the controversy over the construction of the temple. Making it controversial by extremists and clerics is not acceptable and  PUC will call the meeting and will also present its point of view to the Council of Islamic Ideology (CII).


The Chairman further said that every Muslim and Hindu has been given equal rights in our Constitution and Hindus can perform their rituals according to their own and the Constitution of Pakistan gives them equal freedoms.

Muhammad Tahir Ashrafi, who is himself the Chairman of a Mutehda Ulema Board, while addressing the Hindus, said that the Hindus living here do not come from any occupied place but they are part of Pakistan. Some people are spreading false rumors and creating chaos, and saying the wrong things about the rights of Hindus. In Sharia, it is is not acceptable at all and these do not apply to any minority. He further said that Pakistan Ulema Council has always been and will always be on the front page for the rights of minorities.

He said that PUC has always stood against wrongdoings and propaganda against minorities.

He further added that “Pakistan’s minorities have also worked day and night for the development and prosperity of Pakistan. There is no harm or threat in the construction of places of worship and the government protects the places of worship of minorities and is trying its best to establish peace there. An example of this in front of everyone is in the form of the Kartarpur corridor.

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