Temple dilemma and Imran Khan government

personal opinion by Athar Hussain Hindu Temple dilemma and imran khan regime

Temple dilemma | Since the last months, Pakistan’s Prime Minister Imran Khan regime deliberately is using religious elements to regain his loss of public mandate owing to his passive policies. So, following this narrative, his government in the previous month of June decided to allow and remove hurdles from constructing the Hindu temple in Islamabad Sector H-9/2. The step was taken in order to facilitate the Hindu community living in Islamabad so that they can perform their religious rituals.

Being an Islamic state, the decision of constructing a temple in premises of ICT (Islamabad Capital Territory) initially seemed an interfaith decision by the Pakistani government. But as always, the things were not so smooth as apparently those seemed. Plenty of objections were put to stop this construction from certain social, religious and political groups. This opposition has agitated various allegations for Pakistan at national as well as international level.

Resultantly, this issue of Temple dilemma has polarized society and some are declaring Pakistani state unsafe for minorities while some are celebrating victory, for construction has been thwarted by Capital Development Authority (CDA) with many legal reasons. This also has raised various questions regarding the writ of the government. Contrary, the Ministry of Religious Affairs has defied the construction by saying that Minorites can renovate their existing worship places but cannot go for new construction.

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Moreover, the government’s stance has been politically portrayed on various mainstream platforms which carry the goal of minority support. Putting all these ambiguities aside. if this decision of constructing temple is gauged in parameters of humanity, this undoubtedly will be worth appreciating because it is a prime and constitutional responsibility of the state to facilitate its population with religious freedom.

Conclusively, Imran Khan regime ought to go for permanent solutions to this religious dilemma by doing lawmaking on these issues. So that these could not be disturbing or perplexing factors ahead. Furthermore, lawmaking regarding these issues can pave the way for interfaith harmony and national unity on a broader level.

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