Online Teaching Policy of Higher education commission, Pakistan

Online Teaching Policy of Higher education commission Pakistan Jalal ud din

Higher education commission (HEC) has a major role in providing quality education to the public all over Pakistan. There is an abundance of best universities who are inculcating the people under the policies of HEC, which includes LUMS, QAU, and IBA etc. In the prosperity of these universities, there is a significant role of Higher education commission. HEC is working day and night for the amelioration of quality education particularly when it comes to the higher studies.

The impact of COVID19 on Higher education commission Policies

The situation is lamentable from last few months after the spread of COVID-19 pandemic. From last few months, many universities are closed because of a deleterious pandemic, so there comes the role of HEC in this arduous time. How HEC’s policies can be implemented in this lamentable situation!, How HEC can handle the quandaries regarding edification in this arduous time?

HEC is the hope of many students, everybody hopes for a better policy! Will HEC tackle and satiate the students regarding its policies or not! HEC has made many ways to surmount the situation but somehow, HEC did not understand to students who emanate from countryside areas. HEC’s online teaching policy was somehow good but it was not better for the majority of the students. As complaints were continuously been observed in this regard.

In an interview, Chairman HEC quoted that that HEC will not allow opening universities because of its lamentable situation of a pandemic in Pakistan. And he verbally expressed 80% of students are disposed to take online classes, and 20% are not. Further, he added that if anybody who is not able to attend online classes amid any particular reason then that students can freeze their semester!


Many scholars are arguing that HEC must adjust the grades of all those students who do not have access to the internet. Because it is not possible for the poor students who have already paid to many fees to their universities will going to freeze their semester. In many areas, there is 2G available so how could a student join the TEAMS or ZOOM because these apps need a very vigorous internet connection.

If 80% of students are disposed to take online classes then who did this survey because many students are complaining that nobody asked their will to join online classes. then who did this survey?, many people love and reveres HEC’s policies and rules, but it’s not the way to tackle the situation.

The policies of HEC in this situation was capricious and unpleasant. HEC should make a way which is good and easily reachable for all students. Many students are studying in last semester, they have the dreams of getting degrees on a targeted time, many students had applied in sundry organizations, many students had appeared in different tests because they cerebrated our degrees will be consummated on the right time, but haplessly many students are double-minded because of the policies.


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