Hindu Temple in Islamabad: All you need to know.

Hindu Temple in Islamabad

The demand was made from the Hindu Community for the allocation of the land to build a Hindu temple in Islamabad. In 2016, the Capital Development Authority (CDA) allocated half an acre for building a temple. The plan was approved back in 2017 by former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif’s government, but its construction had been delayed due to administrative hurdles.

Prime Minister Imran Khan approved 100 Million for the construction of Shri Krishna Mandir, Islamabad. Construction of first Hindu temple in Capital began, a long-standing demand fulfilled by Prime Minister Imran Khan’s government.

The site will include a crematorium, a place for collective prayers and marriage ceremonies, accommodation for visitors as it will ease the difficulties faced by non-residents of Islamabad, a community hall, and a wide-spread parking area.

Islamabad is a home of about 3000 Hindus, but there exists no temple and no community hall which caused many issues for the community. The Capital also lacks crematorium, a place needed for Hindu funeral services. This lack of crematorium forced the Hindu people to take their deceased loved ones to their hometown for burial.


Even though the government and authorities are facing criticism on building a Hindu temple in Islamabad, the amount of Rs. 100 Million is not yet approved by the prime minister. “The government will take advice and guidance from the Council of Islamic Ideology on the summary forwarded to the prime minister. No decision will be taken without the consideration of all the religious aspects,” said a spokesman for the Ministry of Religious Affairs Mohammad Imran.

On the other hand, he also clarified the issue of releasing funds by the Ministry of Religious Affairs for the temple’s construction. He said, “the ministry only release funds to repair and renovate the existing worship places which belong to the religious minorities, not to build the new worship places for the minority.” The statement further added that the Hindu community was using its own resources to build the temple.

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