History of African Americans: The barbarism on the innocents.

History of African Americans - George Stinney

Racism in the US and those who were killed in the dark ways

History of African Americans is full of tragic incidents in the shape of misunderstanding or mishandling, which captured the lives of many innocents through the laws and rules. As racism is spreading like a pandemic in America which converted love into hate within the US. It is observed that white Americans earn 50 thousand dollars monthly in comparison to African Americans who earn 25 thousand dollars monthly, the reason is black families never get that type of respect as white Americans get. Recent protests have proved that Minneapolis just needed a spark to ignite the racial divide between 64% of white Americans and 19% of black Americans. The spark appears in the brutal murder of 46-year-old African American George Floyd by police. These brutal acts observed numerous times in history within the black Americans so the history repeats that George Stanny was killed in the name of law and justice but now when the case was repeated he was found innocent.

Barbarism in the name of justice on African Americans

African American history was full of events. One of them and most tragic was the incident of George Stinney Jr., a 14-year-old black boy who belonged to a poor black family, his father was a kind and trustworthy person, who worked on daily wages and earned some dollars to maintain the expenditures of his home. George Stinney born in the US in the year of 1930. George Stinney was sentenced to death in the United States on June 16, 1944. The young man was made to sit on a chair and put on an iron hat, and his brain was electrocuted to death. Even during the trial and on the day of the execution, fourteen-year-old George Stinney always carried the Holy Gospel as a symbol of his innocence. He tried many times to express his innocence but none of them let him clear his arguments. George Stinney was innocent and intelligent, he got targeted by a racist person and he finally left this fatal world in 1944. He was too young and he was not able to bear that kind of torture in the teenage.

He was accused of killing two white children (an 11-year-old daughter and a 7-year-old Mary). The bodies of the two victims were found near the home of accused George Stinney, where he was staying with his parents and he was blamed as a murderer of the two innocent children.

All members of the jury were white. The trial was completed in just two hours. And ten minutes later the verdict was written. The accused’s parents were receiving constant threats and they were prevented from seeing their son in custody. Nor were they allowed to appear in the courtroom. His parents were later forcibly evicted from the city.

Before the death sentence, poor George was imprisoned for 81 days, during that time his parents were not allowed to see their son.

The helpless George Stinney was placed in an electric chair and given a shock of 8380 watts to his head. Imagine the pain in the head of a 14-year-old teenager.

A South Carolina judge

Seventy years after the tragic incident, a South Carolina judge ruled that George Stinney Jr. was innocent. A white man had sacrificed this innocent child to his innate hatred against blacks.

The picture has been viral on social media of a little George Stinney sitting on a chair and facing the torment of police in the shape of electric shocks. These pictures were taken before the execution. You will not be able to look at the expressions on the face of the helpless and compelled George Stinney sitting in the electric chair. What will happen to the heart of this innocent person while encompassing such a humiliating death as a reward for an uncommitted sin?

The law and justice should be equal for all, it should not be based on discrimination that he is black and he is white. Black and white both are humans and they both need equal rights to live in this world. The racism in the US has taken over many lives and it will take more if racism will not be controlled by Americans. History of African Americans should not repeat itself and they must get equal rights as white citizens.

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