India China Clash: The USA sent a condolence message to India

The dispute between two thickly populated countries, India-China, is increasing by every passing day. Indian Army’s 20 officers have been killed by the Chinese Army at Ladakh which caused the high pressure on both sides of the border.

India-China tensions have risen in Ladakh, with India acknowledging that 20 Indian soldiers have been killed, but unconfirmed reports say more than 40 Indian soldiers killed, more than a dozen are missing, some detained by the Chinese military, including a major.

It may be recalled that the border clash between China and India, which started on May 5 in Ladakh’s Gulwan Valley and then in the Nikola area of ​​Northeastern Sikkim, was followed by bitterness between India and China three days later. The Indian Army entered the area and the Chinese PLA arrested them, who were later released.

China has released 10 Indian soldiers, including a lieutenant colonel and two majors.

India China Clash: Condolence of Secretary Pompeo of US to India

Zee News India reports that the United States has expressed its condolences to India four days after the killing of Indian soldiers by Chinese troops in Ladakh.

US Secretary of State Pompeo has tweeted on the social networking site Twitter in which he expressed his condolences to India. He expressed that

We extend our deepest condolence to the people of India for the lives lost as a result of the recent confrontation with China. We will remember the soldier’s families, loved ones, and communities as they grieve.

We share the grief of the families of the Indian soldiers, Pompeo said.

It should be noted that 30 hours after the death of Indian soldiers, the Indian Defense Minister had expressed his regret. Now, four days later, a response has come from the United States in which the United States has offered condolences to India.

India has denied that its soldiers are missing but now with the release of Indian soldiers by China, another lie of India has been exposed.

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Celebrations at Pak-China border

Chinese and Pakistani troops celebrate at the Pak-China border after Indian army killings in Ladakh.

According to sources, reports from the Pak-China border said that the commander of the Chinese army had organized the celebration and the soldiers of the Pak army were also invited to join the celebration. On this occasion, slogans of the Pak-China friendship resounded.

Sources said that the commander of the Chinese forces on the occasion vowed to destroy the Indian supremacy very soon.

Indian PM Narendra Modi called the All Parties Meeting. Leaders of 20 parties attended the meeting in which PM Modi assured no intrusion on LAC.  He further emphasized that Chinese troops didn’t cross the LAC, which confirms the news that Indians may cross the border that created unrest, and many soldiers got killed.

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