India-China dispute; are India and Peace poles apart?

India-China dispute and regional peace

High populated countries are at the war. Both China and India are going to convert the peace of the region into conflict. China has crossed the borderline and controlled the disputed land near Ladhak and Himalayan regions. The India-China dispute, as both are thickly populated countries, is not a good sign for the whole region. Ladakh is a location where India and China have mutual interests. India is ready to war with the two atomic power countries China and Pakistan despite fighting with COVID 19, as it is also attacking the civilian areas across Line of Control (LOC), which is madness being a democratic country.

CIA Agents

India’s politicians, research scholars, and journalists claimed in various books (mission R & AW written by RK Yadav), and articles that in Government of India there are a lot of American CIA agents and they provide services to the CIA. In India, the policymakers are totally under control by the CIA. It is said that for the interest of America, India is being used in the war with Pakistan and China. So that through India the American interest should be watched.

Defense Minister Pakistan Shah Mehmood Qureshi

 Pakistan’s defense minister said on a TV channel that

I think the government that has come to India has its ideology and its ideology depends on Hinduism. India is no longer a secular India of Gandhi or Nehru and the BJP has buried it. The Hindu majority has been brought into the government and they want to impose the ideology of Hinduism in India and they dream of a united Hinduism and this dream affects the neighboring countries Pakistan, China, Afghanistan, Srilanka, Nepal, etc. and their intentions are something new. Yes, SAARC was one of our forums that has been made dysfunctional by the BJP government. In case of an epidemic, we could have cooperated but it did not happen.

That is why Pakistan’s defense minister has spoken to the UN Secretary-General and also to the European Union, to keep an eye on every action and step taken by India which is aimed at destroying the peace of the region and all India’s actions. Watching the demonstration in Ladakh.


India’s defense minister has said that India has a right over Azad Kashmir. And in this regard, Pakistani scholars are saying that India is plotting to occupy Azad Kashmir.

In this regard, DG ISPR says that no mistake should be made by India in Azad Kashmir, otherwise we will retaliate.

And foreign minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi says that India is looking for excuses and they are trying to justify the false flag operation and they are giving us very clear indications and we cannot ignore the false flag operation. And India went to the disputed area of ​​Ladakh and started construction of the road without any consultation due to which China could not tolerate it. India thought that China would remain silent but it struck back and occupied an area of ​​up to 60 km, which in turn lead to India-China dispute.

Indian Foreign Affairs Ministry

According to Indian foreign affairs ministry that

India and China have agreed to resolve a dispute over their shared border in the Ladakh region through “peaceful” diplomatic channels.

The verbal expression on Friday came a day afore top generals of the two countries are due to meet near the site of their border standoff to endeavor and find a way to de-escalate the situation which commenced when India inculpated Chinese people for entering its territory three times in May.

The two sides officials held a video conference in which both countries acceded to work for placidity, stability, and balanced cognations and they both will abstract the extra army from both sides. The talks over the conflict will continue.

The India-China dispute is not something new. India has been involved in conflicts with its neighbors for quite a long time. India continues to violate ceasefire agreements along LOC with Pakistan. and now It directly has engaged itself with China on the other side at LAC. India’s problems internally with its minorities or externally with its neighbors show that under the BJP government, India and peace are poles apart.

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