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Econex an online store in Pakistan

What is Econex? What is its story? How people in Pakistan can benefit from this platform? What is it’s potential to cross one of Pakistan’s leading online markets ‘Daraz shopping store’? Here you will get the answers to all of the above-mentioned questions.

Since the last few years, a real boom has been observed in the E-commerce industry around the globe. Entrepreneurs are in a big race to develop or to be a part of a platform that provides free reach to the billion-dollar markets. Is it Amazon FBA, dropship, or a wholesale online selling concept, both sellers and the buyers have now rushed towards getting benefited from these platforms? This is not only happening in just developing countries, but every country is making efforts to get into this. Because this has been operated by individuals, not the governments. So, any individual having some potential and curiosity to get into it can easily start it.

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Similarly, an individual entrepreneur from Pakistan saw this as an open window and just got jumped into it. He first thought to just be a part of Amazon OR AliExpress and to just make some SEO based efforts to do simple E-commerce to get some profit. But, later when he realized a big open window after the acquisition of Daraz Shopping store by a Chinese Giant, he jumped into creating a platform and started involving more people around him to get into the business by listing more and more products on the platform.

Yes, Econex is an online e-commerce store operated by Ibrahim Khilji and the team to provide an opportunity to the sellers and buyer to get into selling and buying with just one click. Econex connects customers and consumers with top manufacturers in Pakistan. This system removes the selling barriers in the shape of middle-men and saves that cost to provide a discount in the shape of coupon cash along with some of the other best deals to the customers.

As in the fact. the biggest gap in online selling is “delivering the quality”. It is often found that customers usually order from a currently operated online store a product but when they receive it, it is not often the same which they expected, sometimes, not even close to that. That’s why consumers are steadily losing the trust of E-commerce in Pakistan. ECONEX promises to fulfil the gap with its core target as “ECONEX will never compromise with the quality-check” of the products and services before delivering to the customers. The safe, secure, and easy payment system of the ECONEX also enable ease in online selling and purchasing of goods and services in Pakistan.


Econex differentiates from world-leading e-commerce store like eBay and Amazon on the bases that these stores are based on three components (supplier, customer, and developer). But, Econex is the only store that also contains the fourth component as well which is convincing marketing. Econex supports its suppliers via convincing marketing by approaching potential target market to convince them to purchase products listed on the Econex e-commerce store (web + App).

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Econex has mainly two pillars called ‘discover’ and ‘branding’. Under the discover, Econex invites consumers and salespeople to join the eco-network and to be a part of its sales campaign team and provide convincing marketing services. Where the company offers 5 types of services: Network marketing, social media marketing, SMS and E-mail marketing, peer to peer marketing, and event marketing. The purpose of providing these services is to convince the potential target market to purchase products or services listed on Econex platforms.

The second pillar of the company is branding. Econex offers several ways to facilitate conventual retailers and sellers to boost their sales by selling their products or services online. Econex offers brands to list their products by creating their store with their brand name on Econex to target and avail the platform’s traffic to enjoy more sells. The sellers, who are not familiar with e-commerce or online selling, can also be a part of the system as the company offers Joint Pool Business System (JPBS). By JPBS, people can share their idea, product, or services they wanted to sell, no matter they have appropriate knowledge about selling it online or not, the Econex’s team will look after their matters and will bring their idea online as part of their JPBS services.

So, it’s a great deal for the Pakistani manufacturer to get online and deal directly with their customers. As the e-commerce industry is trending all around the globe and businesses are rapidly shifting towards providing online products and services to save the cost of a middle-man and to maximize profits. So, stop waiting, get in touch with the Econex team by visiting their website: Click Here

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