English 1101 Essay 4 – Comparing Perspective; Room for Debate

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Part 1 – Summary & Rhetorical Analysis

Start with the summary section, below I have written three summaries of three different write-ups that I actually picked for the comparing perspective essay 4. Comparing Perspective is generally very helpful and essential to analyse the perspectives.

1.1 Helping rural America catch up:

Many countries want to maximize their natural resources and convert them into an economic sources. Rural America needs huge improvement; they need to consider targeting their young people living in rural areas and creating different opportunities for them to ensure a great outcome from it. They have to face different challenges and tackle them accordingly by giving rural areas all the facilities they require. America “A Business Minded Country” should target young people as their asset by investing in them from childhood and creating different learning opportunities for them. This will help them create a different economic model.

1.2 How to crackdown on social media threats:

Talking about harassment, it is a common issue nowadays but this has reached to its greater extent. In 21st Generation, Women speak about what they are facing and as a result they are punished for it as receiving threats. A woman or a man, both of them are never safe if they speak for their right. This generation has taught us to fight back and this has led to these huge problems. These issues are raised by us, we are the ones to create differences between people so these are the issues to be resolved instead of talking about what the harassers do.

1.3 Easing the pain of automation:

In 21st Generation, This world relies on technology. Different technologies have surrounded us now which has decreased the employment ratio. Now, we need machines to get our work done and this has diminished the human capabilities. We are making a place for machines and buying them because they are less expensive and gives us better outcome and gets our work done in less time. To eliminate such problems, Government should focus on investing in technology – Artificial intelligence which is great option for people to participate in these professions and make our life prosperous instead of depressions of increasing unemployment rate. Artificial Intelligence can help us to expand the human abilities and groom their abilities accordingly.

Part II: Angle of vision (Comparative Analysis)

In part one as we have been asked to write the angle of vision about each article that we have actually picked for this essay. Bellow I have describes each topic under their perspective heading.

2.1 Angle of vision – Helping rural America catch up:

If we see the author is clearly describing the problems where America Lacks. Government should work on rural areas instead of totally focusing on the cities and investing in different projects, America should focus on developing their rural cities and creating opportunities for young youth to maximize their economy in future and ensure their bright future. If we see the author is clearly reminding us of the farmers who work for us, and interconnects the people who live in cities and rural cities. Yes, they both are connected to each other, one works for the other. There should be a balance, how? By creating different jobs in rural areas so the unemployment rate goes down and this will surely lower the inflation rates. The author’s angle of vision is clearly positive telling the people of America to develop them by implementing a different strategy model by targeting rural areas as their source of economy.

2.2 Angle of vision – How to crack down on social media threats:

The author clearly describes her emotions out in some words, yes, her angle is clearly in a positive way. She is telling people loud about what are the issues she is facing (not only she, the world is facing) She wants to make this thing clearly visible to people that there are people who are not safe receiving threats. WHY? Because they standup for their rights. She further focuses on her look and tells she is black and black woman are not safe especially. A person can ignore some few irrelevant messages but cannot ignore threats received by different people. She wants woman to gather and fight for themselves and defend themselves from these harassers. And yes she is right in such cases you can’t rely on law, So she wants something to make it work out, a safer place that can really help the women to defend themselves.

2.3 Angle of vision – Easing the pain of automation:

The author is thinking for Human Capabilities that should not be wasted. He is clearly stating that human capabilities are being wasted due to technology advancements. Nowadays people are investing in technology to minimize their costs. So author wants that Government should look forward in investing in the development of Artificial Intelligence technology that requires the human capabilities. So here he wants to create a both WIN-WIN situation, where both Technology & Human Resource wins. Moreover, His angle is clear in perspective of the betterment of the society by technology development. How can we neglect the Humans for whom these technology advancements are made? He’s absolutely right focusing the Human Resource Capabilities which should be expanded. Artificial Intelligence can focus on building the Human Capabilities and grooming the person in a working environment. So the main aim of author is “Invest in Technology to Expand Human Capabilities”

synthesis question

Q: Can America with the help of technology advancement facilitate their rural areas? Is Technology advancement better to track down the harassers and minimize social media threats?

Part III – Comparing texts:

If we analyze all the three articles and their angle of vision we get the following analysis:
I liked their way of discussing the problem, three of them related the problems with their own problems which they faced and then discussed it in terms of other people. 3 of them discussed about the positive problem that if resolved can lead to betterment. They want to improve the society by eliminating problems faced by many people. If we compare all three articles we see that they are focusing Human and their capabilities in every aspect. These problems, suggestions or investment related issues all cover Humans. In the first article “American Rural People” and the third article “Investing in Technology” Both authors suggest their views and tells the people to implement them to make better. While in the 2nd article – Social Media Harassers – The author looks talking positively but she is positively targeting the bad humans who harass. So here the author of article 2, her frame to disclose the problem changes because she is criticizing and asking for a safety platform. However, I see that the author suggesting to invest in the technology is really talking about some betterment which can not only expand human capabilities but create job opportunities for human and give them chance to prove themselves and if this technology is brought to rural areas of America, It can surely help people developing themselves. So we can relate author 3 perspective with author 1, they both want to work for betterment and these both things “Technology” & “Creating Job Opportunities in Rural Areas”, These both are interconnected to each other, If both of these issues are resolved, Of course we can develop our societies. Talking about social media harassers, Law agencies track them down? No law agency can’t handle tracking so many harassers using different proxies. So for this we have to make a technology advancement which can automatically track such harassers and government should develop policies related to it to punish them by tracking them on the spot. This is how I relate all three authors with each other.

Part IV: Exploring own ideas:

Q: What do I agree with and disagree with in the three texts I have analyzed?

Yes, I agree with all three of them:

  • The rural areas should be developed by creating opportunities for youth.
  • Social Media Harassers should be tracked down and punished. Should create a safe platform for women.
  • Investing in technology to expand human capabilities is the nice idea and should be implemented to overcome unemployment ratio

And I don’t agree with the following:

  • The author of the article 2 describes black woman as the target of harassers. Why is she so specific? Are these harassments only done to them? No both genders are included in such type of thing. So she should say that all the women and men are part of it.

Q: If I find one author’s perspective more valid, accurate, interesting or useful than another’s? Why is that?

In this I found three of the author’s perspective valid and accurate, But the most interesting, accurate and valid perspective was from the author of “Investment in Technology For Expanding Human Capabilities” ,Because this person is thinking a a whole and thinking for the long term, While the other two issues are valid too but not that interesting, Those two problems have been rolling down since years but this investment in Artificial Intelligence technology was something new and I found his point accurate, valid and more interesting.

Q. Related to my synthesis question. What new significant questions do these texts raise for me?

Some new significant questions from these texts:

1 . Is it this much easy to create natural resources and create Job Opportunities for Rural cities of America? This can take years.
2.  There are number of social media platforms, there are number of proxies, how will government handle so many of them?

Q. What is my current view on the focusing question that connects my texts and that all the texts explore?

My current view regarding my synthesis question is that Job opportunities can be created with the help of technology advancements like Artificial Intelligence, And this technology can help in the rural areas in growing the natural resources, People from cities who are well-educated can use these technology so the real connection between city and the rural cities can now be developed by making the people belonging to the city and rural cities work together. While on the other hand, the social media harassers, these platforms are being used by different people and different fake accounts are used. The government agencies with the use of such technology advancements and the help of Artificial Intelligence, the government can develop such policies which can track down these hackers and harassers. This is how my current view on the focusing question that connects all three texts.

Q. How would I position myself in the conversation of the texts? 

I would position myself as a connecting source between three texts.

I used to think American Rural Cities are already Well-developed, They have vast natural resources, but now I think People are really well-concerned about developing the rural areas of America.
Although these texts have persuaded me that “American being the superpower “Still are well-concerned about the improvement of the society in every aspect” They think without the factor of selfishness”.

I still have doubts like, Can they implement such strategies so easily? How will they plan about it or they will neglect it? I leave them as the room for debate for the readers of this write-up.

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