Khairpur Medical College: Another victim of poor governance

Khairpur Medical College Khairpur KMC

In political science, governance is recognized with two approaches, called better governance and poor governance. Better governance looks towards political renewal, whereas, poor governance is characterized by unaccountability, the unjust legal system, and with the abuse of executive power. Which is always a big threat to any nation. And it seems Khairpur Medical College lies in the bracket of poor governance.

In the last decade, Pakistan has been governed by two big political allies. One in the government and other in apposition for 5 years each. And these allies created many unjust legal systems, unaccountability, and abuse of executive power leading with so many examples. Khairpur Medical College (KMC) is one of these examples. On 29th December 2012, the college was inaugurated by that time appointed Chief Minister of Sindh, Syed Qaim Ali Shah, and initially, it was named LUMHS Khairpur Medical college. Later this name changed into Khairpur Medical College (KMC). Inauguration of an institute means the bureaucracy must have calculated the risk, possibilities, budgeting, seat allocation, and all other related factors. Which they actually failed to execute, means an unjust legal system, unaccountability, and abuse of exertive power proved to be the outcome of the inauguration. Means, the Institute is actually another victim of poor governance.

Status of Khairpur Medical College

Currently, there are more than 500 students registered with the institute, but the institute is yet not registered with the central body of the country, called Pakistan Medical and Dental Council (PMDS). Which recognizes on the basis of certain SOPs that KMC is just a line short to fulfil. With the continuous struggle of the students from 1st

to the 5th batch, KMC has fulfilled the quota of the permanent faculty members, legally required certification, availability of required laborites and other related SOPs. But, the institute is yet needed to possess the facilities of MRI and CT Scan.

Khairpur Medical College Students Group Photo Irfanullah
A Group Photo of KMC students during sports festival 2019

Now, its time that Pakistan People’s Party must look towards political renewal and fulfil the promises and erase the mistakes they have committed in past. Else, Students must need to approach the central governing body, or Federal government need intervene and moderate the process to save the future of more than 500 bright stars of the state. Whom, Sindh government is continuously pushing towards misleading tracks instead leading them towards a bright future. As this 500 figure is actually a precious asset of the stat which needs a cool atmosphere so that they must conclude their studies and contribute in the prosperity of the nation. Which is why the state is investing on them.


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