Child Abuse or paedophilia – A curse in the name of humanity

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Child abuse is a heinous crime which has witnessed 12 cases in the current calendar year in Pakistan. This social deviant approach has found to increase 2 to 3% from the last year in the country. Paedophilia or child abuse is rampant in Pakistan. The infamous incidents which present a very crucial picture of the raping disease that is playing with our society. Government officials and other authoritative personalities have found struggling to address and cope-up this issue which has remained a curse in the name of humanity.

Unfortunately, the cycle is still on, there have been many inhuman cases has happened in the past days. These inhuman cases not only stopped the movement of the tongues of the parents and relatives of the victims but also to the humanitarians all around the world has felt the aftershocks of the incidents. even after the tragedy took place in Kasur with Zainab, I don’t really believe that any of the humanitarian has yet forgotten this inhuman incident.

This curse, the child abuse hunts Pakistan due to many reasons. Like:

  • There are often chances that preparators might be from the family member of the victim.
  • The blind trust of the parents
  • The lack of education to the children for their basic awareness to stop being abused
  • The lack of communication gap between parents and their children
  • The lacking efforts of police, security forces and establishment to increase the watch level and punish the culprits harshly to create an example for others who even intend to think for this inhuman act
  • Or it’s because the Islamic religious scholars have stopped the preaching of Islam and failed to tell the people that they will be judged on the day of judgment before ALLAH and will harshly be punished for their inhuman acts

Recently it has been reported on social media about a child (boy) who belongs to Larkana and he was abused by 6 persons for 15 days in Larkana. I still can’t believe that really these kinds of people exist in our society. Why they do not think of the day of judgment? What they will answer to ALLAH almighty of this curse? Why Islamic religious scholars have failed to keep humanity on a correct track? Everything happening in a society has a cross-link to all other the activities, and no one can deny it. Every member of the society will be answerable for these ridiculous acts in the day of judgment. Every individual will be asked for their personal contribution in stopping the incidents like these inhuman acts. Therefore, this is not only a duty of government, establishment, and security personals to increase the watch and stop these crimes, but this is the duty of every single individual of the society to not allow the incidents like child abuse within their societies in any means.


However, it is important to note that there are several cases which go unreported, or they have not often highlighted by the media, or because of several issues which are dealt with by that family. Child abuse or paedophilia in Pakistan can also be dated back to the horrific period of  Javed Iqbal, a serial killer from Lahore, who lured about 100 young boys and killed them. He committed suicide in his prison cell in 2001. But even after his death many other Javed Iqbal have been prevailing the heinous act of paedophilia in Pakistan.

According to a report from Sahil, an NGO working for a safe environment for tackling child abuse, there were 3445 cases reported in 2018, 12% increased as compared to 2017. Punjab stands first Sindh, second, KPK third and Balochistan fourth with 65%, 25%, 3%, and 2% respectively. Thus having seen all the atrocities all around the country, If is need of the hour to tackle down this critical and devastating evil disease from the society immediately.

The best way to eradicate paedophilia by fetching health and hygiene, and sexual discipline at primary level. And also we have to tell our sibling children’s or students about the good or bad touch and to react in such behaviours. If our kid wants to tell anything about it, we should listen to them carefully and take the immediate action. Through the achieve role of teachers, as they would the best citizens of a nation. And media as they rapidly spread awareness they also make some advertisements about it through this increasing wave of paedophilia can be vanished effectively and swiftly by burning candle at both ends.

Note: The author was supervised By Mr Farhan Ali Soomro (PhD Scholar) & Teaching Assistant Department of Public Administration, Faculty of Management Sciences, Shah Abdul Latif University, Khairpur.

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    Child abuse is a very important and sensitive issue to address. It is a curse which usually is not addressed. You written wonderfully and quite rightly.

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    Well done
    You rise sach a important and sensitive issue

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