Registration of Khairpur Medical College is once again revoked

Khairpur Medical College registration is once again revoked and students are in tense

Khairpur Medical College (KMC) was established in order to provide quality education of Medical & Health Science education in the interior region of Sindh. The Government of Sindh under the leadership of Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) issued Administrative Approval vide No.HD (P&E) 3-2 (393)/2012 dated: 6th December 2012, for the establishment of new Medical College in Khairpur District.

The college, therefore, was initially named as “LUMHS Khairpur Medical College” laid by Syed Qaim Ali Shah, Ex-Chief Minister of Sindh. Initially, it was planned to open a branch of LUMHS, later, they changed the plan and turned it into a separate entity. Therefore, it was named as Khairpur Medical College (KMC).

Approximately 100-acre land has been acquired/purchased for the establishment of permanent campus of new KHAIRPUR MEDICAL COLLEGE residential units for faculty members, paramedical staff, administrative staff and boys and girls Hostels (Source: KMC official website). Instead of all these initiative, planning’s, and investment of the public, the authorities fulfilled its basic SOPs. Which has led current and passing out student’s career in vain?

It was 21st January 2020, that Khairpur Medical College (KMC) received a registration letter from Pakistan Medical Commission (PMC). Immediately, students of the college posted that letter on their social accounts and received much so many congratulations from family, friends, and relatives. Because they were now confirmed that their continuous hard work and achievement of a precious milestone is going to be possible.

Students also started acknowledging the persons who they thought have struggled for getting registration of the institute. The first batch, which is now passed out had also posted on their Facebook group to acknowledge the efforts of the Principle of the Institute:

A big salute to our respected worthy Principal Dr Asadullah Mahar. After seeing too many hardships and difficulties, just at graduating time of batch-01 Khairpur Medical College

has been registered finally by PMC Islamabad. This was the first-ever formal celebration of Khairpur Medical college KMC.

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But, all of sudden, everything turned-up. And the College carried-back to that previous status as unregistered government Medical and Health Institute. The Pakistan Medical Commission (PMC) was dissolved and once again Pakistan Medical & Dental Council put in charge of Medical and Health institutes activities. So, that PMDC therefore, revoked all the decisions which were taken by PMC including successful registration of the Khairpur Medical College KMC. And once again that 600 students were laying at the edge of being highly affected by these state affairs, poor governance, and instability in the system.

Currently, there are 500 students who are registered in KMC and 100 students have just passed out from the alma mater. All 100 fully trained students were supposed to be serving at this time. But they are instead sitting in their homes and watching Ertugral Gazi and trying to be true Muslims and others are busy in protecting the borders of the country via PUBG.

Which means, that a precious asset of the country (fresh blood) is being wasted in nowhere. Just because of the mismanagement, poor governance, instable government policies, and insecure law and order in the state. There is nothing bad and no doubt in the capabilities of the student’s knowledge and approach. They are being wasted because of the founding fathers of Khairpur Medical College and a ruling party of Sindh province PPP leaders. That a trained flock is being wasted especially in the time when state badly needs their services to fight and protect people from the COVID-19 Pandemic.


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