COVID 19 Pandemic and the meeting of NCC Sindh

COCID 19 Pandemic updates

National coordination committee Sindh (NCC)

Through the decision of the national coordination committee government of Sindh has issued the notification in the critical condition of COVID 19 pandemic in the province. The decision of a national coordination committee announced the statement that educational institutes, marriage hall, sports club, gym, restaurant, beauty parlor, cinema hall along with the social and political strikes, etc will be shut down.

Transport minister of Sindh

In the province for transport issues, the provincial minister of transport will convene with transporters to make sure for working under the SOP’s terms and policies. Further, the minister will give them a brief overview to begin the transport within the province to facilitate the people who are traveling and working.

COVID 19 pandemic conditions

The announcement came after the COVID 19 pandemic that has plagued many countries including Pakistan and employs sufficient steps to contain the spread of disease. That the government of Sindh has, from time to time issued order to contain the disease whereas the honorable Supreme Court of Pakistan in its direction in suo moto case #1 -2020 dated 13th April 2020 and 4th May 2020 directed for a uniform policy at the national level.

The meeting of the National coordination committee (NCC) dated 1st June 2020 evaluated, examined and decided on its proposal on lockdown during the COVID 19 pandemic emergency to open up economic activities and focus on compliance of SOP’s by the apprehensive businesses, persons and general public to prevent the spread of COVID 19 pandemic while such economical and other activities are undertaken.

NCC decisions over COVID 19 Pandemic

The government of Sindh in the view of the decision of NCC meeting taking place in the exercise of power under section 3 (1) of Sindh epidemic disease act 2014 (the Sindh act VIII of 2015) herby directed following institutions to remain shutdown in June 2020,

I- Educational \ training institutes

II- Marriage Hall

III- gym, sports hall, etc.

The provincial government /District administration, by order, may inhibit all the activities in areas that are considered to be the hotspot for the spread of COVID 19 pandemic.

Adoption of preventive measures by all during COVID 19 pandemic

Avoiding unnecessarily coming out of home, if so, wearing of face masks for coming out at any public place, keeping a distance of over 3 feet between persons at all times, frequent hand washing or use of proper hand sanitizer, following of distancing protocols while traveling by any transport, strict adherence to SOP’s at offices workplaces, etc, in the light of SOPs issued by the provincial or federal government from time to time.

Deputy Commissioner, assistant commissioner, labor office concerned as well as personal of law enforcement agencies and below the rank of inspector police (or of equivalent rank for other law enforcement agencies are empowered under Section 3(1) of the said act to take any legal action on any act in contravention of this order or direction notices issued thereunder. Further legal action can also be taken under relevant labor industrial and other applicable laws for not obeying the orders to prevent COVID 19 pandemic. The order will be remain enforced until the 30th of June 2020.

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