EASA and sunny swift message | Flights operations in Europe

EASA latest update 2020

European Union Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) has issued a concise message regarding restoring a safe passage for the flights in Europe. As the flights were suspended since last winter in all over Europe and expected to start their operations very soon. According to a message, Europe may start their flight with some precautionary measures.

It’s been so many days that the aeroplanes have not taken off. EASA suggest companies working under the European Union of the precautions and safety measures. And it is their duty to make sure of the safety measures are probabilities of any potential causalities. Thus, due to COVID-19, travel across the borders have become restricted and flights were rested at their grounds.

As a long time has passed Aircraft were off the routine. There is a probability that these aircraft might have indulged with some technical casualties. Before going to take-off, it is mandatory for technical staff and associated teams to check its worthiness and take appropriate measures to make the aircraft to the standards. EASA told in the message.

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It is made mandatory by EASA for the particular companies to plan the flights after having a look at forecasted weather and checking all precautionary elements. As conditions are now different and not same in all over Europe.

A medical check is also made necessary by EASA for both crews as well as passengers. It is compulsory for passengers to get their medical reports as a safety measure by their own, and for the crew, the company will be responsible for having medical clearances. it is because of maintaining health and safety standards, as people are yet not out of the pandemic.

EASA has planned to publish a report to practice such flights, Moreover EASA is ready to ensure that flights contain Sanitary measures to be used by both staff and passengers.

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