4 helpful tips to avoid toxic people in your life in 2021

4 tips to avoid toxic people by zainab kazmi

Toxic people are the most annoying individuals one could surround. They impart such a negative impact to one’s life. Such people drain your energy of being productive and waste your brain cell fighting the depression they cause in one’s life. People who tend to run their business and want to be successful in their lives. They must avoid surrounding themselves with negative people. Because such people never let you live in peace and would let you be successful in your life.

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Why one needs to stay away from toxicity?

Know the basis of toxicity:  Here can be two reasons for such kind of toxicity,

  • Because they feel themselves below you so they keep letting you down just for the sake of satisfying their egos.
  • Secondly, they are going through such kind of depression in their lives that they keep criticizing others because they think other people don’t value them, they just need to spend time on themselves rather than spending time criticizing others. This will help them to overcome their fears and depressions.

Consequences of toxicity: surrounding yourself with negative people can end up with serious consequences that you have no idea of. It can kill your day and night insanely without your dear ones knowing about it.

If you find 10 good tips to live happily, such people will give you 100 reasons to be NOT happy. They will give you 100 reasons to feel inferior. They will give you 100 reasons to feel worthless. This is how much toxicity of people can affect you. That’s why one should KNOW about this and one should know how to eradicate such kind of toxicity from their lives.

Tips to eradicate toxicity in your life.

  • Go Easy: The first thing you got to do is that, just go the easy way. Never pressurize yourself doing any kind of job in your life. If you know that you are not comfortable with anyone just try to stay away from them for a couple of days. Because sometimes you get so attached to such people that you don’t even know how to stay away. Just don’t ever feel like you need them. One day you stop being used to them you will be successful in your life.
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  • Set boundaries: once you can contactless, then move on to eradicating them by setting some boundaries. Like never think about them. And here is the tip for you to do this is. When you feel you started thinking about them, just think over that if you go back and talk to them you’ll be at point zero of the goals that you wanted to be accomplished. Because this will give you the enthusiasm to stay away from such venomous people.
  • Get busy: Get busy in your life surrounding yourself with a healthy relationship. Always spend your time with children, because children will give you hope to keep moving and struggling. Because you don’t get any demotivated vibes from children and they boost your inner creativity. So you would end up having some quality time with them.
  • Goals: Always set goals which fear you, because those are not dreams if they don’t haunt you at night. So you got to invest your time achieving your goal and won’t spare time for negative and toxic people.


In 2021, Covid19 has affected the world insanely. People are losing their jobs and being mad as a hatter. Seeing your luxurious and desired life getting out of hand put you in a miserable situation. So besides this huge chaotic scenario, toxic people behave as a cherry on top for the people who are already depressed. When building a network or team of brilliant people, it would be better to avoid toxic personalities who could put you in a derogatory situation and demotivate you in their business life too.


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